If we were as mean as they say, we might say that if Borat wrote a comics press release, it would read something like this, but we would never insult the fine, fine people of Bulgaria by saying any such thing. It does seem that SPAWN is poised to become a sensation in Bulgaria:

A luxurious collector’s edition comic book will be issued for the first time in Bulgaria. It will be called Spawn Collection Volume 1.

The comic book will be offered for sale on the annual Christmas Book Fair at the National Palace of Culture in Sofia after December 14 2006, avtora.com said.

During the fair, comic book lovers will get a 10 per cent discount. The regular price of the book is 20 leva.

Spawn, the book’s character, was a marine and a CIA agent. He was killed on a mission and ended up in hell. Spawn made an agreement with one of the head devils and returned to life only to find that his wife had married to his best friend.

Volume 1 would unveil Spawn’s goals, friends and enemies, avtora.com said.

The Spawn series were launched in 1992 and were sold in 1.7 million copies, the biggest number registered by an independent publisher, avtora.com said.