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  1. I suggested to many people at con, including the 501st Legion table, that 300 people in Stormtrooper outfits should each get one of those shields and then march in unison down the main aisle yelling “We are San Diego” and “Uhnnnnhn!”. Or start the Masquerade with it.

    Combining that with my idea of actually letting people camp out in Hall H (as long as they’re camping out there all day anyway, may as well get them out of the hotel room pool), it’s surprising that the con never does any of my suggestions.

  2. This event was a lot of fun but honestly the worst part was trying to watch the movie, which was across the field on the smallish “Jumbotron”. We left after a few minutes of the movie.

    Leading up to it, however, was immense fun–everyone battering their 300 shields with their 300 thundersticks, seeing some of the cast of Blade Runner and Babylon 5, and debating whether or not to throw our shields at the utterly clueless and self-involved “host” of the evening whose name we chose not to remember.

    My first visit to Petco, and it was a grand park. I hope one of these years the Pads actually play during the Con (despite the resulting traffic nightmare that would result).

  3. the last time I went to SD, they were still building the park.

    I did enjoy, in previous years, taking the trolley all the way out to Jack Murphy to see the Padres play, including getting to see two personal favorites face off: Tony Gwynn and Greg Maddux.

  4. I go to Petco every chance I get…I so love the park. I have yet to see the Tony Gwynn statue though. It was dark at the screening and the Park at the Park was closed off.

    The event itself was rather snoozy, and the Rubios wasn’t open (it’s the only thing I’ll eat on game days). The more interesting part of the evening was seeing the Blade Runner folks apparently sauced to their gills as they said their hellos. It seemed like all the WB-related people who came out to wave at the crowd would rather go back to that thumping private WB party on the other side of the mezzanine.