Famed illustrator Mitch O”Connell writes to let us know that “glitter graphics artisan, Colleen Truscott, recently surprised me by giving dozens and dozens of my graphics the glitter treatment.” Truscutt has given permission for the icons to be given away on O”Connell’s website, so go spice up your MySpace or whatever.


  1. I love Mitch O’Connell’s stuff. And, amazingly enough, I live in his old condo (Mitch lived there, then a couple bought the place from him, and then my wife and I after that).

    I have yet to find any old drawings or copies of Ginger Fox in the floorboards, though.

  2. That big-eyed lamb oddly reminds me of the South Park episode in the Imaginationland trilogy where the little critters were some of the most evil bad imaginations ever. ;)

  3. O my gosh. Rollerskating that’s all i can think of for some reason, late 70s commack roller rink on LI. and back room of spencers… think i might have to glitterfy