During the Usagi Yojimbo panel at SDCC last month, comic creator Stan Sakai hinted at his desire to returning to Space Usagi, the space opera spinoff of his acclaimed Usagi Yojimbo series. Whether or not Sakai gets to return to a new Space Usagi adventure, fans will be happy to hear that Dark Horse has announced it will be rereleasing the first Space Usagi miniseries, “Death and Honor” with new colors and new cover art this November. In addition to Sakai, the series also features brand new colors by Emi Fuji as well as a main cover art by Sweeney Boo.

Here’s how Dark Horse describes the miniseries:

As a general of the Shirohoshi Clan’s space fleet, it’s Usagi’s responsibility to keep the lord and his heir safe. Now tasked with the education and protection of the lord’s heir, Usagi must remain vigilant at all times to protect the heir from a murderous plot and an unexpected betrayal. The rabbit ronin’s classic adventure in space—now in color!

As Usagi Yojimbo fans are well aware, Space Usagi takes place in a futuristic setting that resembles Feudal Japan in political and stylistic way and features the descendant of  Miyamoto Usagi. Earlier this year, NECA unveiled a limited edition action figure for the character manufactured in collaboration between NECA and Stan Saskai and Dogu Publishing. Though there’s no telling if or when we’ll see Miyamoto Usagi’s future descendant, fans can at least enjoy the original Usagi Yojimbo.

In addition to the main cover by Sweeney Boo, there will also be variant covers by Agnes Garbowska and Jennifer L. Meyer.

Check out the variant covers below and look for Space Usagi: Death and Honor #1 to arrive in stores on Wednesday November 15, 2023.

Space Usagi