In a Stirring Belmont, the Filly Beats the Fellas.



  1. The minute I saw the headline, I knew you would say something!
    Now we wait and see if she earns the same breeding fees as her male counterparts. I would think so. Imagine the possibility of a foal where both parents are Crown winners!

  2. Well interestingly, I was reading up on some horsey lore, and found that they tried to breed Secretariat and 1980 Derby winner Genuine Risk…but the foal was stillborn. =(

  3. Yeah, she just crushed. A lesser horse or a nervous jockey wouldn’t have been able to slap Curlin down after he made those two freaky moves to re-take the lead in the stretch.

    The best thing about the telecast is a replay they showed from in front of the horses and you can see when the horses are coming off the final turn there are two guys in jumpsuits watching the race that are jumping up and down with excitement like little kids.

  4. horseracing is okay, I live right near Belmont track, btw, but it’s sport like this which makes so much overbreeding like dogs a horrendous thing.

  5. Watching that race (with my heart in my mouth and jumping off the couch) I could imagine Great-grandpa Big Red smiling down from horse heaven saying ‘you go, girl!’