Medicomm’s TRON Mickey.
Is there any actual…reason for this? Or is it just someone’s idea of fun? Let’s see REPO MAN Donald and Tod Browning’s FREAKS Goofy while we’re at it.


  1. Disney owns Repo Man and Freaks?

    Okay… some quibbles…
    1) How hard would it be to design the figure so it lights up?
    2) The disk is too small.
    3) I don’t think the helmets were ever removed in the movie, but how does he get it over his ears? And shouldn’t the ears be covered as well?
    4) $63 ?! I can find the 20th anniversary set of all four figures for $45 on eBay. And a light cycle (squee).
    5) Since he’s a corporate minion, shouldn’t his suit be red?
    6) Cool, but consider this:
    7) His outfit looks like footie pajamas. You can see the trap door in back.

  2. My guess would be it has something to do with the video game Kingdom Hearts II? There’s a few levels and a big chunk of plot based on Tron in it, and since Donald and Goofy are characters in your party, they get Tron-themed redesigns. Mickey doesn’t appear by default in that sequence, though, so I guess they’re just completing the trifecta.

  3. Michael, the way things are marketed to kids these days, you are wrong.

    Sadly, anything and everything that is made to be played with these days has some rationale.

  4. Is that from the Kingdom Hearts games? I know there was a level in one of them that had a Tron theme, so I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s how Mickey looked on that level.

  5. Maybe it is for Kingdon Hearts II but more likely it is in anticipation for TRON 2. There was a teaser trailer released at one of the conventions last year and it is making the rounds on the internet. Even IMBD.com has it under the sci-fi/fantasy trailer selections. That’s right people! A sequel is on the way!!!

  6. This blog always sounds like everyone who reads it and writes it is over 40 years old or doesn’t ever peek over the top of their copy of Secret Crisis of Two Publishers.
    “Young people like manga?”
    “Webcomickers do well?”
    “Why does this toy exist?”

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