§ Joel Meadows has pictures from the STUDIO SPACE signing featuring Brian Bolland, Dave Gibbons and Sean Phillips at Forbidden Planet in London.

I had horrible images of two people turning up for the signing but the queue was pretty decent and they had about 60 people get stuff signed and buy copies of the book.

§ Karen Green examines [email protected]:

Veitch’s writing captures the coal-black humor of war, just as Herr did thirty years earlier (Flabbergast lobs a grenade at a sniper: “He’s toast!” “..and jelly, too,” observes Switzer, as the impact shatters the body), and he and inker Gary Erskine don’t miss a single opportunity to illustrate the consumerization of war, from the stylized LG logo on the street signs, to the “Rayguntheon” logo on the defense secretary’s plane, to the Automated Combat Support System that operates using a phone tree (“Please answer yes or no to the following menu options”)—Ike’s military-industrial complex taken to the ultimate level.

§ Johanna runs down some Comic Cancellations including ANT, GODFATHER and NEXUS.

§ Actually, speaking of NEXUS,back on May 1 on Steve Rude’s MySpace page, Jaynelle Rude wrote:

We have decided to once again cancel both Nexus 101 and 102. The decision came after a month long virus that put Steve out of commission for nearly 5 weeks. Followed by a reaction to a medication that made his hands shake so badly he was unable to draw. The book is nearly finished — only 6 pages left, but we decided it was better to pull the orders and wait until Nexus 101 and 102 were completely finished to solicit them again. When we do we’ll be able to send ashcans ahead to all the retailers, market a specific release date, and finally get on the track we should have been on all along. We’ve also come to credit terms with our new printer which will allow us to save thousands of dollars over our past credit terms.

We anticipate finishing up Nexus 101 in May and 102 in July. We would solicit August for a September/October release.

§ What is the world coming to when local news feature comics artists?

§ Neil Gaiman posts some sweet Harry Clarke art.


  1. Steve Rude came by my table yesterday at the Shrine and gave me some critiques on my new Deposit Man book. He loved the cover, but wasn’t happy with my new logo.

    He looked pretty healthy to me.