Stormwatch Team Achilles 6 Whilce Portacio And Scott WilliamsITEM! Artist Whilce Portacio (WETWORKS) is blogging.

So here are some of the panels from the first issue up close and personal. I got a new computer just to do stuff like this my blog and videos and stuff. It came with a program called Muvee. Where you can load in video clips (or in this case images) tell the camera where to look at each image and add a music file then presto the program arranges all the images into a sequence that is timed to the beats of the music you’ve provided and spits out a video. So in others words I take five minutes to load images and a song and the program churns out a video that looks like I took hours to plan and put together…a perfect quick way for a busy penciler to advertise comicbook artpages he’s taken hours, days, years to bring to life…I think.

ITEM! Comics Should be Good has put together a rough INDEX of their Comic Book Urban Legends postings. Yes!

ITEM! Don MacPherson, formerly of FOURTH RAIL has launched his Eye on Comics review site.