Marvel, once again doing late night trailer reveal duty, unveiled the latest trailer for Captain Marvel – this time with a focus on the villains and pulling the curtain back a bit on Carol Danvers’ journey to self-discovery.

The Skrulls, who are about as old as the concept of the Marvel Universe (popping up as early as Fantastic Four #2) make for a fitting villain for a film that predates everything else in the MCU chronologically, except Captain America: The First Avenger. It’s a nice touch.

But this is a suitably epic follow-up trailer that I think better showcases the scope of what’s on offer here, and gives a viewer a better sense of Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck’s approach to the cosmic side of the MCU. Jude Law pops up ever so briefly, and we get a whole lot of Ben Mendelsohn’s Talos. Even Annette Bening’s heretofore mysterious role is unveiling itself a bit.

Good trailer! I also like how Marvel is clearly trying to address any criticism of the last trailer showing Carol punching an elderly woman without context.

I’ll stop talking, it’s late, but here’s it is. Captain Marvel debuts on March 8, 2019:


  1. Oooh, that space-combat and tech-junk aesthetic continued since Thor: Ragnarok, looks awful purty. Might find this one hard to find a reason not to go see it at the cinema. Hits a spot with this Marvel-cosmic reader.

  2. I’m loving everything about this…except Brie Larson. I’ve dug her in other movies, but here she looks like she’s simultaneously trying too hard and not trying hard enough. She’s doubling down on “I’m a stoic badass” and it’s coming off as “I’m bored and just picking up a paycheck”. Hopefully I’m wrong and it works well in the movie itself, but right now she’s not doing anything for me, and I don’t believe her for a second.

  3. roto, Baby Boomers aren’t really THAT old. That woman would be a member of the Silent Generation. (Google it.)

    Now go to bed, son. It’s a school night.

    Matthew said: “She’s doubling down on “I’m a stoic badass” and it’s coming off as “I’m bored and just picking up a paycheck”.

    I suspect that if a male actor were acting like a “stoic badass,” fanboys would be in ecstasy and shouting, “Cool!”a

  4. “I suspect that if a male actor were acting like a “stoic badass,” fanboys would be in ecstasy and shouting, “Cool!””

    Hmm. There’s been a just a few comic book movies starring men that have come out in the past few years. Let’s check.

    Robert Downey Jr. – stoic badass? Nope.
    Chris Evans – stoic badass? Nope.
    Mark Ruffalo – stoic badass? Nope.
    Paul Rudd – stoic badass? Nope.
    Tom Holland – stoic badass? Nope.
    Chris Pratt – stoic badass? Nope.
    Chris Hemsworth – stoic badass? Nope.
    Jeremy Renner – stoic badass? Nope.
    Bendict Cumberbatch – stoic badass? Nope.
    Tom Hardy – stoic badass? Nope.
    Chadwick Boseman – stoic badass? Nope.
    Hugh Jackman -stoic badass? Yup.
    Ben Affleck -stoic badass? Kind of.
    Henry Cavill – stoic badass? Kind of.

    I don’t think “stoic badass” has quite the successful batting average you presume.


  5. Mike, ALL these guys turn into stoic badasses during the action scenes. And that’s how you’re seeing Captain Marvel in the trailers — in action or danger scenes.

    Maybe you fanboys who feel so threatened by women should just wait and see the movie, then pass judgment.

  6. I just figured they were going to make her the fascist in the movie that she was in the comics. Punching the woman was similar to punching Julia Carpenter until her daughter begged Carol to stop. I guess they aren’t, or maybe just not as much.

  7. I don’t know Brie Larson from the proverbial hole in the ground, but if she’s as good an actor as the others named by Mike, then she’ll be able to show other emotions rather than badassery. I thought that was the original kvetch, not just that she was a woman.

  8. Bill,

    The actress playing the Skrull Old Lady is Marilyn Brett, and the internet indicates that she’s 67 years old, which is well within the top end of the Baby Boom generation, the oldest of which are early 70s.

    So, actually, yes, Boomers, you ARE that old! (Although I certainly sympathize with the hesitance to think of yourself as old. Now that the students at the college where I work are half my age, I’m having to contend with being “middle ages” instead of “young adult,” and it’s not fun!)

  9. JTL: A lot of Baby Boomers are still under 60, which means they’re still middle-aged (like you) rather than “old.”

    Boomers are people born from 1946 to 1964. That means Donald Trump (born in 1946) is a Boomer, and so is Barack Obama (born in 1961). Incredible but true.

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