The first picture of Snake Eyes, played by Ray Park, from the GI JOE movie has been released. We give this its own spot because it’s a nice spot to salute Larry Hama, who wrote tons and tons of GI Joe comics and is a creative consultant on the film. Hama is the kind of storytelling craftsman you don’t see much in comics any more because, well…there just isn’t much call to write 155 issues of a licensed comic book any more. He’s currently writing some stuff for Devil’s Due. In addition to writing comics, he also played roles in MASH and was in the original Broadway cast of the Stephen Sondheim musical Pacific Overture. In other words, he was also a comics crossover star long before it became fashionable. Plus, he’s just one of the coolest dudes to talk to you’ll ever meet.


  1. During the 1990s, my oldest daughter migrated from Archie stuff to X-Men and G.I. Joe. The former I could understand; the latter surprised me. Why? Simple… I never read Marvel’s G.I. Joe line, so it wasn’t like they were laying around the house for her to pick up. She started following it all on her own, and I soon found out that her favorite character was Snake Eyes. Even though it’s 15 or so years later, I’m pretty sure she’ll be one of the first in line for the film. I’ll probably see it as well. As was said above, “when have ninjas ever not been awesome?”

  2. I understand Ray Park is a very talented athlete, but that said, I don’t know why they continue to use him.

    I don’t think he has that imposing structure about him. He’s not that tall and hopefully, as his character should imply, he’s also been militarily trained by special ops, so I don’t want to see all this fancy martial arts without the military weapons training, like how wrong his pose is in that pic.

  3. Yes.
    That’s right.
    You want your movies based on cartoons and comic books to be realistic.


  4. sorry Steve, you may have a lower expectation of what you pay for. Me, I like how things are done right. If someone breaks glass, I expect to it break correctly. I’m not saying the movie will be bad, but that pic kinda annoys me.

    And I admit, someone else on CBR said it was a good possibility that was the pose a photgrapher wanted. Besides, how can my opinion be ‘Appaling’, why are you so sensitive about my opinion? I’m not calling for anyone’s death here.

  5. Hey Michael,…
    I’m just joshin’!
    Again, sorry.
    I’m just like you. The more believeable the better.
    Your comment just struck me as funny at the time.
    No hard feelings, I hope.

  6. no hard ones on your end either I hope Steve, didn’t get your real feelings from the post, one of those ‘net things hard to get across than in person. ;)

    hope you get my apologies as well.

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