We’ve made it to Wednesday and for your consideration, the Small Press Spotlight has a family-friendly book ready to drop this fall. Super Sleepy Bedtime Stories #1 features the bedtime tales and adventures of Super Sleepy and her wisecracking sidekick Schleepy the Sheep. Created by veteran actor Ursula Burton (“The Office” and “Curb Your Enthusiasm”), the hilarious new series will drop on November 24 and will be available through Binge Books.

Super Sleep Bedtime Stories

Each tale is a bedtime story for all ages showcasing the adventures of Super Sleepy, a pint-sized protector of sleepyheads, who won’t rest until the reader does. At 68-pages, the book features art from Jeff Shultz (“Peanuts”). The comic introduces readers to a plethora of fun characters such as Gargirl the living gargoyle, Adventure Russ – finder of lost toys, Cosmic Ray the Space Kid-et, Lynn Ventor the girl inventor, Senor Uva’s Frutopia, and Jillian Heir the Bajillionare.

Read the synopsis here:

Nagged by nightmares? Bothered by blanket hogs? Troubled by telemarketers? Have no fear – Super Sleepy is here! Super Sleepy is the pint-sized protector of sleepyheads everywhere! With her wisecracking sidekick Schleepy, Super Sleepy won’t rest until you sleep, which means every giggle-filled story is a bedtime story! Created by TV’s Ursula Burton (“The Office,” “Curb Your Enthusiasm”), with classic cartooning by Jeff Shultz (“Peanuts”), Super Sleepy 68-page Binge Book debut also introduces readers to Gargirl, Adventure Russ, Cosmic Ray, Lynn Ventor, Senor Uva’s Frutopia and Jillian Heir the Bajillionare!

“Super Sleepy had been tossing and turning in my mind for a long time,” says Burton, “I’m thrilled that families everywhere can finally read about her hilarious adventures alongside her wisecracking sidekick Schleepy the sheep. Jeff’s art has a wonderfully retro style that helps make Super Sleepy feel like an old friend.”

Super Sleep Bedtime Stories
Ursula Burton

“Everybody sleeps, so a little girl superhero who travels the world helping anyone who is having trouble sleeping is a wonderfully simple and universal premise which instantly inspires endless story ideas,” says Binge Books’ publisher Darin Henry.  “With back-up tales starring Gargirl and her Dreamland friends, Super Sleepy’s Bedtime Stories should be an instant classic to anyone who’s ever been a kid.”

Super Sleepy Bedtime Stories #1 will be available on November 24. Check out more from Binge Books here.