Storm King Comics has announced Usher Down, the latest volume in the popular anthology series John Carpenter’s Night Terrors. This installment is centered on a chilling ghost story set in perhaps history’s most fabled haunted house.

Written by Jason Henderson (Alex Van Helsing) and illustrated by artist Greg Scott (Gotham Central, X-Files, Black Hood), the volume features colors by Felipe Sobreiro and letters by Eisner and Harvey nominated letterer Ed Dukeshire.

Check out the details below:

Usher Down kicks off the 2023 slate of the John Carpenter’s Night Terrors imprint. The release coincides with the 10th-anniversary celebration of Storm King Comics, the first comic book publishing company to be founded by a woman, producing legend Sandy King Carpenter, with multiple activations planned at this year’s Comic-Con International. 

“Here’s the thing. Usher Down isn’t a haunted house story– it’s a haunted house expedition story like the ones Greg Scott and I are obsessed with like The Haunting, Rose Red, and The Legend of Hell House,” said Henderson. “When you have a house that everyone holds in awe and you put together an expedition and anything can happen. That’s the stuff, that’s what we wanted to make and Storm King made that vision a reality.”

The synopsis from the publisher:

A young psychic joins a government expedition to explore the most legendary haunted house of all time, the fabled House of Usher. The house is real, frozen in time below ground-but what the explorers find there is demonic, alive, and may well have called them for its own dark purposes. Writer Jason Henderson along with artist Greg Scott and colorist Felipe Sobreiro take you underground in Usher Down, the seventh story in Storm King Comics’ anthology series, John Carpenter’s Night Terrors.

Founded in 2012 by CEO Sandy King Carpenter, she and her husband/creative partner, John Carpenter, released their first comic, Asylum, in 2013. Since then the publisher has more than 100 comic and graphic novels published in the horror, sci-fi, and fantasy genres.

Usher Down will be available on July 12, just in time for Comic-Con International 2023. It will also be available digitally online through GlobalComix. 


Usher Down