This week in Small Press Spotlight, we take a look at what Source Point Press is cooking up for Spring. Like other publishers have recently announced, Source Point has joined forces with Simon & Schuster for its book distribution. The publisher announced in a statement:

Source Point Press“Our partnership with Simon & Schuster means that our line of graphic novels, as well as our prose novels, will be distributed to booksellers around the globe. We are thrilled to team up with Simon & Schuster to breathe new life into our backlist catalog and expand our future releases,” says SPP Art Director and Founder Josh Werner. 

As for upcoming books to look for, keep an eye out for the underground hit Yuki Vs. Panda, which will soon get an official release through Source Point Press. Read a synopsis below:

Source Point Press“Ten years after a freak incident at the zoo, Yuki finds herself attending a prestigious college on the road to success, unaware that a panda bear from that fateful day has been hunting her down to exact bloody revenge. Nothing can prepare you for this outrageous comedy filled with epic fights, awkward romance, supernatural powers, and plenty of zigs and zags. Put up your pigtails! Sharpen your claws!”

Written by Graham Misuriak and with art by A. L. Jones, Yuki Vs. Panda is set to hit stores on May 26.

For fans of pulpy horror tales, J. Werner Presents Classic Pulp is a must-have. Written by Werner and featuring a plethora of different artists and styles, the horror fans get an exciting tome filled with classic tales to thrill and chill. Read more about it below:

Collected here are classic chilling tales from beyond the grave, lost to time… until now! Curated and digitally remastered to their original colors and quality by Joshua Werner. Prepare for phantoms and mystery! This is a must-have for fans of the horror genre and classic pulp comics! In shops: May 26.”