It’s Wednesday and man, it’s hot out there. Instead of sweltering in the heat, take a break in an air-conditioned room and read what the Small Press Spotlight has for you this week.

For fans of the horror sitcom Holliston, Source Point Press has another graphic novel based on the series ready to hit shops and online. Holliston Goes to Hell is the third installment of the comic following “Adam,” “Joe,” “Laura,” and “Corri,” continuing their supernatural adventures in the town of Holliston, MA. This time they attend their high school reunion while an ancient colonial curse creates a sinkhole that swallows the entire town and sends everyone into Hell.

“It was a delight to send the characters of Holliston to Hell,” says writer Greg Wright. “The story is filled with payoffs for horror fans to find and there’s plenty of demonic shenanigans that only the Holliston gang can deliver.”

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to have the creative team together again for another Holliston adventure,” says Source Point Press Art Director Joshua Werner. “The demand from the horror community for more Holliston is at an all time high and we’re going to deliver the craziest and most exciting story to date, complete with all your favorite characters from the show.”

The original show created by Adam Green (the Hatchet franchise, Frozen) ran for two seasons in 2012 and 2013 on the FEARnet cable television network. In 2014 the show was on the verge of a third season when the production halted due to the tragic loss of cast member Dave Brockie (GWAR). The FEARnet network then dissolved in a merger between Comcast and Time Warner, but Source Point is keeping it alive with their graphic novel series.

“Holliston has always had an incredibly loyal cult following,” says Green. “That audience has grown exponentially since the show began streaming on Shudder about eight months ago so the timing of this new book from Source Point Press couldn’t be better.”

Holliston Goes to Hell is written by Wright and illustrated by Stephen Sharar. Source Point Press is publishing it in conjunction with ArieScope Pictures, and the previous books in the series include Holliston: Friendship is Tragic and Holliston: Carnival of Carnage. All are available in stores and online at ArieScope Pictures and Source Point Press’s website, as well as digital sites such as Comixology and DriveThru Comics.