This week in the Small Press Spotlight, we turn our attention to a new campaign on Kickstarter that has already gained a ton of steam at the time of this writing after just a few days. Daybreak! from Keith Champagne and Stefan Tosheff and published through New Pain Productions offers a new superhero series filled with action, optimism, and a fresh exciting tale for fans of the genre. 


Read the synopsis below:

Hope. Optimism. Light. Since the moment Daybreak landed on our planet, she’s tried to teach the world a brighter, better way; all while battling her opposite number and mortal enemy, Doc Matter. But in the months after Doc Matter’s seemingly final defeat, Daybreak unexpectedly begins to realize there may have always been more to their story than she’s understood. Now, the person Daybreak has always thought of as her greatest foe may be the only one that can help her stop an ultimate threat that has arisen; one she’s never suspected could exist.

The Kickstarter campaign for the first issue comes with a bunch of goodies for backers, such as the regular edition of Daybreak #1, a variant cover edition by the legendary art team of Val Semeiks and John Dell (colored by Tom Nguyen), and a second variant cover by fan-favorite artist Ale Garza (with colors by Rich Stahnke). Exclusive t-shirts, sketch covers, original art, and much more are also available in limited quantities. 

Because the production work has been completed ahead of time, backers will receive their copies within thirty days of the end of the campaign and full funding, which is February 8. 

To back Daybreak! #1, click here. Check out one of the variant covers available. This one is from Semeiks, Dell, and Nguyen.