It’s once again the weekend, and that can mean only one thing: Weekend Reading 89! As always here at Stately Beat Manor, we’re taking any opportunity to get lost in a good book that we can get.

We’re hoping that you’ll let us know what you’re reading this weekend, as well! If you’d give us a shout-out, either here in the comment section of the article or over on social media @comicsbeat, we’d really appreciate hearing from you!

AVERY KAPLAN: This weekend, I’m checking out The Shadow Hero by Gene Luen Yang, Sonny Liew, and Janice Chiang, which I’m told was the first collaboration between Yang and Chiang. My spouse picked this book up after a chance encounter with it at our LCS and I can’t wait to dive in. Then, I’m going to be reading my copy of Queer as All Get Out by Shelby Criswell. I adored their work on Terminal Punks, and I can’t wait to see how their unique art sensibility plays out in this interesting nonfiction comic.

Weekend Reading 89: Prog 2250

DEAN SIMONS: Next week British weekly 2000AD releases their 100-page xmas special issue (Prog 2262) which kicks off the new slate of serials that will continue in 2022. In anticipation, I continue my catchup. Currently I am at Prog 2250, which features Dan Abnett and Mark Harrison’s second series of The Out, and Ian Edginton and D’Israeli’s Scarlet Traces: Storm Front, among some scrotnig others. Zarjaz.

Weekend Reading 89
Weekend Reading 89: Peacemaker

TAIMUR DAR: I’m psyched for the upcoming Peacemaker HBO Max series starring John Cena that’s set to premiere in January. I only just discovered a 4-issue miniseries by writer Paul Kupperberg and artist Tod Smith that came out in the ‘80s not too long after DC Comics acquired the Charlton Comics characters. So I’m eager to dive into the miniseries and see how the comics version compares to the big screen interpretation of the character.