Announced on USA Today with Brian Truitt – Si Spurrier and Rock He-Kim will be the creative team for X-Force, a series which will replace both Uncanny X-Force and Cable & X-Force in 2014. Both of those titles will end after their imminent crossover event, with the remaining characters forming this new team.

And the team includes MARROW. Cable, Fantomex and Psylocke will round out the team, for a series which seems promised to be dark and grim, violent and cerebral. Are they also wearing weird outfits, you ask? Yes. Yes, they are. Very weird.



  1. Cable looks super weird, probably wouldn’t even know that its him if i didn’t knew that one of them must be Cable.

  2. Glad we could get an early comment in about how Marvel doing Marvel books is terribly horrible.

    I used to rather like Marrow way back when, so I’m interested. But she doesn’t have her powers anymore, does she?

  3. Really bummed about this one. Sam Humphries has turned UFX into an incredibly fun read. After the dark places Remender took the book I’ve especially enjoyed some of the weirdness and reconciliation in SH’s take. I know it’s not for everyone, but still disappointed Marvel is pulling the plug.

  4. Spurrier’s Legacy comic is perhaps the most interesting, under-the-radar book out there. Not sure how Marvel can get a “House of No Ideas” moniker, as one other poster intimated.

  5. I don’t mean to be a jerk but I am really not feeling the art that they have been showing for this book…

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