Hand over your wallets. It’s time to fill your free, yellow, Dark Horse tote bags with all the cool, exclusive merch you’ll find on the show floor and in Artist Alley at NYCC. Like every past year, the exclusive merch list for New York Comic Con 2018 is DEEP. Which is why I’ve whittled down that massive list to what I think is the best of the best.

Ant Man Shoulder Buddy – Rubie’s  (Booth 528) – $20

You’ll never be alone with Scott Lang whispering in your ear like a super powered Jiminy Cricket. Put this guy on your shoulder and you’re instantly an Avenger in civilian garb, with Ant Man relaying an important message from Tony, Steve or Natasha. Easiest. Cosplay. Ever.

Harry Potter 64 Oz Marauders Map Mug – Toynk (Booths 2872 & 2164) – $20

The map and handle are plated in gold. The upside: a very cool looking and eye catching mug. The downside: I don’t think the map disappears when you say “Mischief managed.” Not that you’re not going to say “Mischief managed” anyway after finishing your tea. Score an O level on your Beverage O.W.L. with this mug.

Classic X-Men Art Adams Giclee Print – Artist Alley Table L22 ($100 – $500+)

Art Adams sold these prints at San Diego Comic Con this summer, and I couldn’t be more excited that he’s bringing them with him to NYCC. It is available in a regular version for $100 and a sketched version starting at $500. It’s unclear if Mr. Adams is taking requests for characters at the show or if he’s just drawing who he feels like drawing, but this became a must buy for me as soon as he said he was bringing them.

Strangers in Paradise 25th Anniversary Tote Bag – Artist Alley Table E1 (Price Unknown)

Wow, has it really been 25 years since Terry Moore’s epic about Francine, Katchoo and David debuted in comic book shops? Show off your classic indie comic cred around the show floor with this tote bag. Available at Terry Moore’s table in Artist Alley.

Dark Knight Returns #1 Foil Virgin Cover – (ReedPop Merch Booth) – $40

Normally I wouldn’t be excited by a variant cover comic, especially one marked up to $40, but there is something that makes this one cool besides the foil, logoless front. Frank Miller will sign 1 copy of this book for each fan that brings it to one of his scheduled signings or his table in Artist Alley for free. So yes, the book is $40, but included in that is a Frank Miller signature, as long as you can figure out Frank Miller’s schedule. It’s unclear if that’s in addition to any booth signing limits, so be sure to ask ahead. Frank will also be selling a small supply of these at his table in Artist Alley as well. The book is limited to a 1000 copy print run.

Alex Ross MARVELOCITY: Heroes and Foes Deluxe Signed Lithograph (Alex Ross Art) – $225

These four images come from Alex Ross and Chip Kidd’s new book MARVELOCITY, which is making its debut at NYCC. Captain America and Spider-Man are also available individually as signed canvas prints for $825 each.