Happy Saturday! It’s time for Weekend Reading 74Δ, and here at Stately Beat Manor, we’ve already got our reading plans sorted out for the seventy-fourth weekend in a row!

What are you going to be reading this weekend? As always, we’d love to hear from you! Give us a shout-out, either here in the comment section or over on social media @comicsbeat!

Weekend Reading 74Δ
Weekend Reading 74Δ: Star Trek & Heavy Metal

AVERY KAPLAN: It’s an all magazine-sized weekend! First up is Star Trek: Debt of Honor by Chris Claremont, Adam Hughes, Karl Story, Tom McCraw, and Robert M. Pinaha. Then, it’s on to Heavy Metal #309! Comics just look so good on those oversized pages…

Weekend Reading 74Δ
Weekend Reading 74Δ: Son of Ambush Bug

TAIMUR DAR: After reading and loving Keith Giffen’s Ambush Bug min last week, I’m moving on towards his Son of Ambush Bug miniseries. I’m also going back to continuing my read of Invincible with the “Invincible War: Aftermath Conquest” storyline.  

Weekend Reading 74Δ: Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind

ARPAD LEP: I’ve just passed the halfway point in re-reading Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind by Hayao Miyazaki. I picked the first volume up earlier this week on a whim; it’s a book I think about a lot but it’s been a minute since I’ve actually looked at its pages. It turns out Miyazaki doesn’t let you just flip through his work. So where am I now? After the horseclaw cavalry charge. Charuka, one of my favorite characters, has just been introduced. The Forest People! The Emperor’s brother!  Next I think is the mold and flying bugs going crazy vs. mixed parties on various gunships.

Weekend Reading 74Δ
Weekend Reading 74Δ: XIII

DEAN SIMONS: I am still sorting through boxes etc after moving out so readings will be of the digital variety. I plan to continue reading my way through the later parts of the Belgian BD series XIII (in English courtesy of Cinebooks). While Jean Van Hamme’s writing is somewhat dated (it feels very 80s/90s), William Vance’s artwork remains impeccable. 

Weekend Reading 74Δ
Weekend Reading 74Δ: Avengers Forever

BILLY HENEHAN: It took a couple of weeks, but I read all of Avengers: The Crossing. I even bought the Avengers: The Crossing and Avengers: Timeslide one shots off Comixology, because neither is on Marvel Unlimited. I can honestly say those are two comics I never thought I’d buy, after leaving them and the rest of the crossover on the racks in 1995. For this week’s installment of Shut In Theater, I’m reading Avengers Forever, the 12 issue maxi-series (let’s bring that 1980s term back!) by Kurt Busiek, Roger Stern, Carlos Pacheco, Jesus Merino and Steve Oliff that fully undid and explained away the events of Avengers: The Crossing. After finishing The Crossing, this is exactly the comic I need right now.