Mayday, Mayday! Somehow it is already Saturday once again, and according to our calculations here at Stately Beat Manor, that means that Weekend Reading 58 has arrived.

Mayday! MAYDAY, get it? …you know what, I’ve got a microphone, you’ve got a beer, god’s got a plan.

We know we won’t be blowing anyone’s minds with this revelation, but we’re once again going to be spending the next couple days holed up with a nice stack of reading material. As always during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we hope that you’ll consider sharing your weekend reading plans with us. Remember, if you’ve got to get lost, you may as well get lost in a good book!

Weekend Reading 58: Living Heroes & Jim Henson’s The Storyteller: Jokesters

AVERY KAPLAN: After finally getting my first COVID-19 vaccine, I’m planning to take it extra easy this weekend, and I’ll be accomplishing that goal with comics! First up, I’m checking out Living Heroes by Stephanie Williams, ONeillJones, and Christina Poag, a blend of the 90s sitcom Living Single with the superheroes of Marvel Comics. Then, I have the first two issues of Jim Henson’s The Storyteller: Tricksters to enjoy. Did I get the Peach Momoko covers? You know I did!

Weekend Reading 58: Clarkesworld

DEAN SIMONS: Finished a novel earlier in the week and stuck in that twilight period of indecision about what to pick up next. During such periods I dive into short stories and I have the most recent issues of Clarkesworld to enjoy. As for comics: I continue my 2000AD catchup – now into the early issues of 2021. Proteus Vex is back with a second series, written by Mike Carroll. The art is different though, as Jake Lynch takes over from Henry Flint. The change is jarring but thankfully Jim Boswell does a stellar job on colours. Speaking of art changes – Leonardo Manco’s long awaited turn on Pat MillsSláine. In a word: GORGEOUS.

Weekend Reading 58
Weekend Reading 58: The Boys

TAIMUR DAR: Just discovered that The Boys by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson was available on comiXology Unlimited. Much like Invincible, I thoroughly enjoyed the Amazon original series adaptation so I figure it’s a good time to dive into the first trade of The Boys.

Weekend Reading 58
Weekend Reading 58: Spawn: Vault Edition Volume One

BILLY HENEHAN: After years of hunting for this book at an affordable price, I finally got my hands on Todd McFarlane’s Spawn: Vault Edition Volume One. It collects the original art boards for Spawn #1-7, and I can’t wait to pore over it. The book has been out of print for years, with high prices being commanded for it on eBay. When one popped up in my saved search for cover price right before bed one night last week, I definitely did not sleep on it, and pounced immediately. Now, if only Scott Dunbier and company would put together a Todd McFarlane Amazing Spider-Man Artist’s Edition.