According to the calendar here at Stately Beat Manor, it’s Saturday again, and that must mean it’s time for Weekend Reading 57!

Naturally, we’ll once again be spending our days between the pages (or scrolling the digital screens) of our weekend reading. What will you be paging through this weekend? The Beat want to hear from you! Let us know, either here in the comments or on social media @comicsbeat!

Weekend Reading 57
Weekend Reading 57: The Right Stuff & Hardears

AVERY KAPLAN: First up, I’ll be checking out Hardears by Matthew Clarke and Nigel Lynch, with lettering by Dave Sharpe. This afrofuturism graphic novel has been on my radar since Megascope announced their Spring 2021 lineup, so to say I’m looking forward to it is something of an understatement! Then, I’ll be continuing my nonfiction run with The Right Stuff by Tom Wolfe. I’ve never read this story of “when the future began,” but I’ve been watching a lot of Star Trek: Enterprise lately, and I just can’t shake those “steps toward tomorrow” vibes.

Weekend Reading 57
Weekend Reading 57: 2000AD

DEAN SIMONS: My big catch up on British weekly 2000AD continues. I am just coming up to the November/December 2020 issues – and the big 100-page Christmas jumping-on issue. Been pleasantly surprised how good Ian Edginton and Tiernen Trevallion’s new Fiends of the Eastern Front prequel, Constanta, has been. And the new Hook-Jaw series by Alec Worley and Leigh Gallagher has been delightful schlocky horror fare. Simply Zarjaz! 

Weekend Reading 57
Weekend Reading 57: Séance Dog Science Dog

TAIMUR DAR: As I mentioned last week, I’m slowing down on reading the Invincible comic now that I’m onto the second compendium and past where the first season of the animated series will cover. For this weekend though, I’m still keeping it in Invincible related by checking out the Science Dog comic by writer Robet Kirkman and artist Cory Walker, Due to separate rights apparently, they had to change Science Dog to Séance Dog in the animated series but I’m curious to see what the real Science Dog is like. 

Weekend Reading 57
Weekend Reading 57: Suicide Squad

BILLY HENEHAN: Don’t tell Jack Kirby’s Fourth World, but I’ve been sneaking reads of Suicide Squad at night on the DC Infinite app. The app does a great job recommending the next issue, making sure I didn’t miss the Doom Patrol/Suicide Squad Special, though I did have to rely on an editor’s note to make sure I didn’t miss the Firestorm crossover. I’m not the only one who misses little asterisked editor’s notes in comics, right? I do want to know what book “on sale now!” ties into the book I’m reading! Hey Marvel and DC, bring those back! In summary, my days are all about Jack Kirby and his Fourth World characters in those sweet omnibuses, and my nights are John Ostrander and Luke McDonnell Suicide Squad on the DC Infinite app. It’s like my brain is subconsciously screaming for a new issue of Michel Fiffe’s Copra to be released!