Once more it’s Saturday morning, and that means it is time for Weekend Reading 26. It’s hard to believe it’s been half a year since Shut In Theater began… but then again, it also often seems like it has been much, much, much longer.

As always, we hope that Beat readers will share your reading plans with us. Seeing what all of our readers are persuing each weekend is a huge highlight for the entire team here at Stately Beat Manor!

Weekend Reading 26: The Medium-Sized Book of ZIM Scripts Vol. 1

AVERY KAPLAN: This weekend, I’m going to complete a months-long journey and read Tank Girl Colour Classics: Book Three: 1993 – 1995 by Jamie Hewlett and Alan Martin (with new colors by Sofie Dodgson). Then, I’m going to finally uncover the truth about the Irken invasion with The Medium-Sized Book of ZIM Scripts Vol. 1: Pigs ‘n’ Waffles by Invader ZIM series and comic writer Eric Trueheart (with art by Aaron Alexovich and Rikki Simons).

Weekend Reading 26
Weekend Reading 26: The Tomb of Dracula

RICARDO SERRANO: The road to Halloween is running out and soon all things horror will be upon us. I’m not waiting, so I’m going to start my deep dive into Marvel’s Tomb of Dracula comics. There’s some amazing work done by Marv Wolfman and Gene Colan, often borrowing from Hammer Horror rather than classic Universal monster flicks. Tomb of Dracula ran for most of the 1970s and it somewhat captures certain aspects of the decade. And this is just the start. Halloween will run long this year, and I can’t be more excited!

Weekend Reading 26
Weekend Reading 26: Cry Wolf Girl

JOSH HILGENBERG: The next set of ShortBox comics is set to ship soon – but I’m impatient! So this weekend I’m going to check out a few of my favorites from last year’s box: Cry Wolf Girl by Ignatz Award-Winner Ariel Ries and Minötaar by Lisa Treiman. I’ve already read Cry Wolf Girl a handful of times, but I always get something new out of it, plus Ries’ art is just stunning. On the other hand, I’ve only read Minötaar once and it’s story has always stuck with me, so it’ll be fun to revisit.

Weekend Reading 26
Weekend Reading 26: Previously on X-Men

TAIMUR DAR: I’m extremely excited for the X-Men: TAS art book ABRAMS is releasing, so in anticipation I’m re-reading the Previously on X-Men: The Making of an Animated Series by the original X-Men: TAS story editors Eric Lewald and Julia Lewald chronicling their time on the acclaimed show. Had the pleasure of interviewing Eric Lewald three years ago when the book came out and still have the digital PDF the publisher was kind enough to provide me. 

Weekend Reading 26
Weekend Reading 26: Becoming

NANCY POWELL: This week I’m turning away from comics and looking for inspiration in other places. Michelle Obama’s Becoming hits all the right notes when it comes to being articulate, compassionate, and decent.

Weekend Reading 26
Weekend Reading 26: Captain Britain and MI13

BILLY HENEHAN: It’s been a long time coming, but I’m finally reading Captain Britain and the MI:13 by Paul Cornell and Leonard Kirk . It launched during Secret invasion, a crossover whose tie-ins quickly seemed redundant and overly expository, so I ended up skipping this series. Then I remember the excitement in my local shop as new issues of this came out month after month, but early issues were hard to come by, making it a “I’ll get to it eventually” title that I’m finally eventually getting to (Thanks, Marvel Unlimited!)! I’m a few issues in and loving it so far. I regret missing the boat on this one when it first hit the stands!


  1. Can’t recommend TOMB OF DRACULA highly enough. My favorite comic book of the ’70s, with my favorite art job of any comic. Thank you, Gene Colan and Tom Palmer.

    The color comic ran for 70 issues (1972-79). Then it became a black and white magazine for six issues (1979-81). I actually prefer reading it in the black and white Essential volumes, because Colan’s art looks better in b & w.

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