Weekend Reading 24… That means, somehow, it’s September, and we’ve done a Weekend Reading entry for every hour of the day. Quite the marathon!

Fortunately, we never get tired of reading! Here’s what we’ll be reading this weekend, and don’t worry – we’ll be right back here again for Weekend Reading 25: The Quarter COVID Celebration! As always, we hope you’ll share your weekend reading plans with us in the comment section.

Weekend Reading 24
Weekend Reading 24: Witches of Brooklyn

AVERY KAPLAN: In Weekend Reading 22, fellow Beat writer Josh mentioned that Spike Trotman of Iron Circus Comics had described The Harrowing of Hell by Evan Dahm as a depiction of “hippie socialist Jesus,” and that’s just something I have to read for myself. Once I finish The Harrowing of Hell, I’ll be heading back to Earth to check out The Witches of Brooklyn by Sophie Escabasse.

Weekend Reading 24
Weekend Reading 24: Ex.Mag

PHILIPPE LEBLANC: It’s the end of the summer and kids are going back to school. I’ll be reading some Hilda by Luke Pearson with my son this weekend. I’ve also received my copy of Peow Studio Ex.Mag. I’m going to take the plunge and read it this weekend, my fellow Beat colleagues who have read it have been lavishing this anthology with praise for weeks now, so it should prove to be a satisfying read.

Weekend Reading 24
Weekend Reading 24: Empyre

RICARDO SERRANO: I’m going to be honest, this is Tony Hawk Pro Skater Remaster weekend. The first two games in one glorious package, a nollie 180 kickflip of gaming gnarliness. This game is my childhood and the reason I (unsuccessfully) gave real skating a go in the first place. So this weekend, I’m going child again. While my PS4 boots up, however, I’ll be rereading Al Ewing’s Empyre event in its entirety now that it’s wrapped up for the most part. I really enjoyed this story and think it has enough depth, tension, and pure superhero fun to offer Marvel a reliable template for events to come.

Weekend Reading 24
Weekend Reading 24: DC Super Hero Girls: Midterms

TAIMUR DAR: I’ve mentioned before how much I can’t get enough of the current iteration DC Super Hero Girls cartoon. Unfortunately, new episodes are on hiatus until who knows how long. Thankfully, the new DC Super Hero Girls: Midterms original YA graphic novel by writer Amy Wolfram and artist Yancey Labat is out now for people of all ages including myself to enjoy.

Weekend Reading 24
Weekend Reading 24: 24 Hour Comics

TORSTEN ADAIR: Five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred comics…

24 weekend readings? 24 comics in 48 hours? Well, we’re a bit early for this year’s 24 Hour Comics Day (on October 3), but it’s never too early (or late) to immerse yourself into the long (har) and storied (HA!) output from a variety of creators!

Scott McCloud, the progenitor of the 24 Hour Comics challenge, has a list of comics (but many of the links are ancient). 

About Comics has published many collections. Start with 24 Hour Comicswhich gives a good history and includes nine stories. Follow this with 24 Hour Comics All-Stars, also with nine amazing creators!