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Weekend Reading 154
Weekend Reading 154: Korean American cooking comics.

AVERY KAPLAN: It’s a cooking weekend! I’m going to be trying out several recipes from Korean American Everyday Cooking and Korean American Kimchi Story by Sung Yoon Choi and Eric Watkins. These delightful homemade books include recipes conveyed through beautiful, informative illustrations, interspersed with comics about the couple and their relationship with food. You can pick up your own copy of these handy and irresistible books for yourself in the KACookingComics Etsy store.

Weekend Reading 154
Weekend Reading 154: Insomniacs After School.

MARION PEÑA: Checking out the first volume of Insomniacs After School by Makoto Ojiro from VIZ. It’s coming out just prior to the premiere of the TV anime adaptation, and it’s published by Shogakukan in Japan, which I cover on one of my podcasts (Saturday Night Shoggy). So I’m gonna record about that later tonight! I really enjoy the expressive faces and body language. The author has a really good grip on the intricacies of personal space and interpersonal relationships and can express the quick but natural chemistry between the two leads. It reminds me of what I like about Shogakukan manga, they allow the artist to draw stories to their pace without letting the weekly release format instill a similar urgency to their titles. Very cozy read. 

DEAN SIMONS: Going down memory lane and checking out early Ultimate Marvel from the ‘00s. A lot hasn’t aged too well but both Brian Michael BendisMark Bagley’s Ultimate Spider-Man, and Mark Millar-Andy Kubert’s Ultimate X-Men surprisingly still pack a punch. It is a curious window to another time when viewed from 2023. Meanwhile I am still – STILL – trying to finish Tite Kubo’s Bleach.

TAIMUR DAR: It’s taken me a few days to fully decompress from my WonderCon trip. But now that I have, I am finally going to go through my new and recent comics read pile including Unstoppable Doom Patrol #1, Hellboy in Love #4, Planet Hulk Worldbreaker #5 and much more.

CY BELTRAN: I’m at home in a mini-quarantine, so I have plenty of time to get some of my reading done (though still not The Stand, that one’s hitting a lil too close right now). I’ll be catching up on Detective Comics from Ram V, Ivan Reis, Rafael Albuquerque, Si Spurrier, Dani, Hayden Sherman, and Caspar Wijngaard, along with rereading the delightful X-Terminators by Leah Williams, Carlos Gomez, Brian Valenza, and Travis Lanham. Oh, and it’s not reading, but the NCAA Women’s Championship is Sunday, and you know I gotta see how Caitlin Clark and Iowa fare against LSU.

Weekend Reading 154: Sereno.

REBECCA OLIVER KAPLAN: This weekend, I am catching up on last weekend’s Weekend Reading and FINALLY checking out Sereno by Luciano Vecchio, with English translation editor Alexandro Segade and consulting editor Chris Allo. I’ve been looking forward to reading this for awhile, but my body just hasn’t cooperated lately.

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