The arrival of Saturday means the coming of Weekend Reading 133! What will you be reading this weekend? Let us know in the comment section, or over on social media @comicsbeat!

Weekend Reading 133
Weekend Reading 133: Todd McFarlane’s Spider-Man: Artist’s Edition

BILLY HENEHAN: At NYCC this year, before the IDW panel, I went up to Scott Dunbier and asked if I could take a picture with him. I told him he was my hero for the work he was doing bringing IDW’s series of Artist’s Editions to life. The Todd McFarlane Spider-Man Artist’s Edition may have been on my mind as I was saying that. I’m very happy to have gotten my hands on a copy so that I can look at Todd McFarlane’s line work in all its glory. If you haven’t seen the book in person yet, it’s big! Todd used oversized pages on Spider-Man and this book reprints them actual size. 

Weekend Reading 133
Weekend Reading 133: Superman: Multiversity

TAIMUR DAR: I’m getting back to my reading of Pete Tomasi’s acclaimed Superman run where I last left off with Superman Vol. 3 Multiplicity. My reading pile of new comics has built up since I was busy last weekend with NYCC. So I’m going to read some of the books like the Miracleman #0 40th anniversary one-shot. 

Weekend Reading 133
Weekend Reading 133: Lakes International Comic Art Festival

DEAN SIMONS: It is the weekend of Lakes International Comic Art Festival here in the UK and I have the chance to read in beautiful surrounds. If I have the time. While I can’t predict what I will buy to read as yet – I definitely have the October issue of one of my go-to scifi short prose anthologies, Forever Magazine, to hand. Currently reading through Suzanne Palmer’s delicious Babylon 5-esque novella, Table Etiquette for Diplomatic Personnel, in Seventeen Scenes.