Well, it’s a cruel, cruel summer, leaving us here on our own… for Weekend Reading 13. Fortunately, we have a stack of good books and exciting comics to keep us company!

As always, we’d love to hear what you’re reading! Please share your weekend reading plans with us in the comments.

Weekend Reading 13
Weekend Reading 13: Bitch Planet Triple Feature

AVERY KAPLAN: Once I finish Xenogenesis by Octavia E. Butler, I’ll be checking out The City We Became by N.K. Jemisin. As far as comics go, I’ll be re-reading Bitch Planet Triple Feature.

Weekend Reading 13
Weekend Reading 13: Copra

PHILLIPE LEBLANC: There is a heatwave in Eastern Ontario and in Ottawa, it’s going to be well over 35°C all weekend (that’s 95 fahrenheit for my American readers). It’ll be a good time to sit in the shade and do some reading. I’ll catching up on my reading list, so that will mean In The Future, We Are Dead by Eva Müeller, the first three issues of Amethyst by Amy Reeder (for some levity and action) and catch up on Michel Fiffe’s Copra. I hear issue #6 is only done using full page spread, which should be pretty stunning. 

Weekend Reading 13
Weekend Reading 13: Deathlok

TAIMUR DAR: Since it’s Father’s Day weekend, I’m diving into Deathlok: The Living Nightmare of Michael Collins HC by Dwayne McDuffie.  Additionally, now that my LCS is doing curbside pickup, I can finally dive into the 80th Anniversary issues of both Catwoman and The Joker right before the Green Lantern 80th Anniversary Special next week.  

Weekend Reading 13: The Fire Next Time

ARPAD OKAY: Happy Juneteenth, everybody. I’m reading the essays of James Baldwin this weekend. I’m thinking Notes of a Native Son after The Fire Next Time. Have you read Baldwin? He is every bit as devastating and magnificent as his reputation promises. A voice of clarity in opaque times, Baldwin is both a balm and louder than a bomb.

Weekend Reading 13: Mickey Mouse

KYLE PINION: I’ve been on a serious Classic Disney comic binge over the last week or so, and I’ve now amassed 7 Carl Barks and 6 Don Rosa Donald Duck and Uncle Scrooge comics from Fantagraphics. I’m also making my way through their first Floyd Gottfredson Mickey Mouse book of those 1930’s strips, though much more slowly for some reason. Lastly, I was happy to see their collections of the European Disney comics were on ComiXology Unlimited, so I’ve taken a dive into the work of Romano Scarpa as well.