It’s already Saturday again already, and that means the time has come for Weekend Reading 102! Here at Stately Beat Manor, we’re once again getting lost in a good book (at least until Monday finds us).

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Weekend Reading 102
Weekend Reading 102: Leonard & Everything Sucks!

AVERY KAPLAN: This weekend, I’m checking out Everything Sucks! By Michael Sweater. It’s published by Silver Sprocket and has stickers! Then as far as prose goes, after recently reading Leonard Nimoy’s book I Am Spock, I’m going to check out Leonard by William Shatner (with David Fisher). 

Weekend Reading 102
Weekend Reading 102: Batman: Hush.

TAIMUR DAR: Looks like in the past week I’ve officially developed a case of Batman Fever! Continuing my binge of all things Caped Crusader from last week with “Batman: Hush” storyline from Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee. I haven’t read it in over a decade and meant to do a thorough reread back in 2019 when I did press coverage for the animated adaptation but I never got a chance. I definitely have an interest in the more detective Batman after the watching the recent film.

Weekend Reading 102
Weekend Reading 102: Wisconsin Supper Club Cookbook

JOHANNA DRAPER CARLSON: Although I gave up keeping up with the Hellboy mythos long ago, I am eager to try The House of Lost Horizons because it’s billed as a locked-room murder mystery investigated by two paranormal detectives. I know there’s going to be a supernatural aspect – it is a Hellboy spin-off – but I’m hoping there’s enough of the classic mystery style to satisfy. It’s written by Chris Roberson and illustrated by Leila del Duca, whose work on Sleepless I adored. In the non-comics world, I’m reading Wisconsin Supper Club Cookbook: Iconic Fare and Nostalgia From Landmark Eateries by Mary Bergin. I saw a documentary on this unique restaurant style recently, and it’s made me curious about how this old-fashioned style of dining out has survived. Also, it’s made me hungry for prime rib accompanied by a relish tray, cheesy hash brown potatoes, and a pink squirrel (an ice cream dessert cocktail).