The Postal Service is under threat. USPS is being forced to fund pensions for the next 75 years and omitted from the recent relief bills passed by Congress.

To help their liquidity, proponents for cheap, socialized mail delivery (which is guaranteed by the Constitution) recommend that people buy sheets of stamps online from the USPS!

US Postal Service Elvis postcard puzzle
This is a puzzle postcard of the Elvis stamp. However, postcard postage is now 35 cents.

Of course, if you don’t use the stamps, then that’s pure profit for the USPS, as was seen in 1993 with the many uncirculated Elvis stamps that people bought. The Postal Service printed 500 million stamps, of which an estimated 100 million were never used. (This does not include the licensing fees for the stamp image, which were reproduced on numerous tschotskes, many of them sold at post offices around the country.) 

Here are recent and upcoming stamps I think are graphically cool, as well as some older cooler designs you might have missed. Before I collected comics, I flirted briefly with stamps. I still collect the occasional geeky themed stamp, but I don’t really use postage that much. You don’t have to use these stamps now. These are “Forever” stamps, which can be used to send one ounce of First-Class Mail even if stamp prices increase in the future!

The website also sells shipping and business supplies, and you can also print out postage and have your letter carrier pick up packages for delivery! Even in the best of times, it was never easy waiting in line at the post office! Now, they’ll pick up your deliveries!


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State and County Fairs

Sesame Street

USPS Scooby-Doo stampsScooby-Doo!


USPS Love stamps puzzleLove Stamps Puzzle $13.99  (Why not share a romantic evening with your favorite “COVID companion” putting together this puzzle?)

Woodstock Framed stamps $26.95

USPS Sesame Street stamps

Sesame Street framed stamps  $29.95  (Looking for Kermit?) (Also lots of collectible merchandise!)

USPS star ribbon stamp

Star Ribbon Patch with Cancellation Card $10.95

USPS Hot Wheels stampsHot Wheels framed stamps $39.95

USPS dragon stampsDragon framed stamps $39.95

USPS NYC municipal airportsWPA Posters, ‘City of New York Municipal Airports’ Framed Stamps  $29.95

USPS Mr Zip t-shirtMr. Zip t-shirt $17.95  (Back when zip codes were new, the Postal Service used Mr. Zip to promote them.)

USPS Scooby-Doo stationery setScooby-Doo stationery set $21.95

USPS Mister Rogers first dayMister Rogers Stamp Ceremony Memento $21.95

USPS Disney villainsDisney Villains Postcards $15.95

Plus lots of totes!