Can you believe how long it’s been since the start of Shut In Theater? Somehow, we’ve already arrived at 28 Weekend Readings Later!

Now that October has begun, you’ll want to check out all the spooky Halloween shennanigans we’re getting up to here at Stately Beat Manor. Plus, just like every week, we hope that you’ll share your weekend reading plans with us, whether they’re spooky or not!

28 Weekend Readings Later
28 Weekend Readings Later: Nights of the Living Dead

AVERY KAPLAN: I can’t pass up an excuse to fixate on the undead, so for 28 Weekend Reading Later, I’ll be checking out Nights of the Living Dead, a collection of zombie stories edited by Jonathan Maberry and the man himself, George A. Romero (in fact, one of the collected stories is an early draft of Romero’s opening for The Living Dead, the ultimate zombie novel, completed by co-author Daniel Kraus). As far as comics goes, a few years ago at a con, I found the 6 issues that comprise the 1998 run of Werewolf by Night by Paul Jenkins and Leonardo Manco, and now seems like the perfect season to finally read through them.

28 Weekend Readings Later
28 Weekend Readings Later: Dancing After TEN

ADAM KARENINA SHERIF: I just received some books in the mail from my LCS, and got that lovely New Comics Feeling™ for the first time in so, so long. Alongside a handful of single issues, I picked up Dancing After TEN, an OGN from Fantagraphics by Vivian Chong and Georgia Webber. I absolutely adored Webber’s Dumb: Living Without A Voice, both for its narrative resonance and for its thoughtful, innovative formal choices for the visual representation of illness and disability. I’m interested to see how Webber complements Chong’s own artwork as they move through Chong’s personal experience with toxic epidermal necrolysis, and life beyond. And from the interviews I’ve come across, the multi-disciplinary Chong has really worked to develop a unique philosophy for art – which is always irresistible content for me.

28 Weekend Readings Later
28 Weekend Readings Later: Under the Red Hood

TAIMUR DAR: I can’t recall if I ever read the “Under the Hood” storyline by Judd Winick. In any case, in both anticipation for the Batman: Death in the Family interactive film and for research purposes I’m diving back into that story as well as the Red Hood: The Lost Days miniseries also written by Winick. 

28 Weekend Readings Later
28 Weekend Readings Later: The Super Friends #28

BILLY HENEHAN: I was excited to see on Tuesday morning that DC Universe added Super Friends #28, one of the first comic books I remember owning. Seeing the comic’s cover in the app brought me back to my childhood bedroom. It’s a Halloween issue, the premise of the story being villain Felix Faust magically transforms costume party attendees into the monsters they are dressed as. This was my first introduction to characters like Swamp Thing and Jack Kirby’s Demon. Gorgeous art by Ramona Fradon and Vince Colletta fills the issue. If you have DC Universe, check it out. 

28 Weekend Readings Later
28 Weekend Readings Later: Toe Tags

RICARDO SERRANO: Halloween is upon us and it demands scary reading. I’ll be going through George Romero’s DC zombie comic Toe Tags. The story seems like a loose continuation of the ideas found in Romero’s own Day of the Dead and Land of the Dead, in which zombies are shown to be able to learn and adapt. Toe Tags uses this idea to basically start a zombie uprising against those who want zombies dead again and underground. A great way to start the Halloween season!