Umbacadfcsol TWe know rock and roll isn’t as big as it used to be, and here at Stately Beat Manor we prefer to listen to bleeping blooping stuff like Vitalic, Röyksopp and Les Baxter, but even we know that one of the biggest bands on earth right now is My Chemical Romance. Their gloom-ridden yet hard edged and accessible EmoGoth sound was torn from the mean streets of Newark, NJ, and they enjoy a loyal and rabid fanbase.

Gerard-Way-BigMore notable for our purposes is singer Gerard Way, a card carrying comics geek whose nerd cred includes: going to SVA, interning at DC Comics for Joey Cavalieri, and according to various sources, working in animation or at a comics shop. In interviews he lists Grant Morrison and Wes Anderson as major influences, so even though we don’t listen to that jungle music the kids do nowadays, he sounds like an okay guy.

Of course like many movie stars, movie directors and rock gods, all of that fame and fortune has just been a path to a single goal for Way: getting to write a comic book! It’s called UMBRELLA ACADEMY and it’s due some time in 2007 from Dark Horse, sporting art by Gabriel Bá and covers James Jean. According to MTV:

“The Umbrella Academy,” a six-issue series from Dark Horse Comics, tells the story of Sir Reginald Hargreeves — a “world-renowned scientist and inventor, intrepid adventurer, successful entrepreneur, champion cricketer and closet space alien,” according to a statement from Dark Horse — and his family of superpowered, super-abnormal superheroes.

” ‘Umbrella Academy’ is the story of seven extraordinary, maladjusted individuals, their triumphs, tragedies, failures and disappointments,” the statement reads in part. “Most importantly, it’s about a family of superhumans who need to learn to get past their spectacularly dysfunctional childhoods to defeat the Conductor and his evil Black Orchestra and do what they were born to: save the world.”

But whenever it does hit shelves, the initial six-issue series — written entirely by Way — will serve as a launching point for an ongoing “Umbrella” miniseries (sort of like what the company does with its “Hellboy” title). .

Way is busy touring and promoting the new MCR album, so who knows how this series is progressing. But the Dark Horse website has a two-page preview up, and it looks very nice. Even though his #1 occupation may be as an idol to millions of disaffected teens, Way has certainly paid his comics dues, so he can be allowed into our ranks — plus who doesn’t love artist Bá?


  1. Much to my chagrin I have fallen in love with this new My Chemical Romance album – seeing as how I hate both emo and goth, it is odd, considering that MCR is the gothiest emoest thing ever in the history of the world.

    Even for someone like myself who also prefers the bleeping and the bloops (much of the time, anyway), its a good time had for all.

  2. The preview looks awesome!
    I’m totally stoked and can’t wait to see the full Umbrella Academy comic!
    As former SVA classmate I couldn’t be happier to see all of his ideas finally taking shape and being appreciated.

    RE: a question in your post. Gerard did develop a really funny cartoon pilot called the Breakfast Monkey for Curious Pictures. You can watch it on their site:

  3. Gerald Way recently on MTV2’s Subterranea namedropped Neil Gaiman as one of his favorite authors in a show about Goth… Even though I am not a fan of their music, gotta give Way credit.

  4. im really stoked for the umbrella academy…i just wish there was a more specific date for its release.
    i think its really awesome that gerard is finally getting his repect in the squential world…its about time! im also a huge mcr fan so its the best of both worlds (currently at art school studying squential)…

    the new album is quite amazing and sounds a bit like queen

  5. As both a fan of MCR and a comic geek/bad artist, I can’t wait for this. This is the first I’ve ever heard about him actually doing a comic – I knew about the Breakfast Monkey already, and that he did the art for Three Cheers – but I thought he’d kinda…quit art for a while, since the band is so huge.

    I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for this next year.

  6. I love Gerard Way and think he is a talented man…. i love him to deathand would do anything for him!!!


  7. Knowing that Gerard is doing this on top of making the awesomest music ever gives me cold chills straight up and down. He is talented beyond all belief, and yet, it amazes me at how much he has done with his life since alcohol and drugs. He is probably the best example to all kids that if you follow your dreams and don’t give a shit about what everyone else thinks, you can do anything. He has a face that looks as though it has been carved by the angles themselves and a voice to go along with that. I just wish a little of his perseverance and dedication to doing what the heck he likes to do would rub off on everybody. Maybe then, the world would be a better place. LONG LIVE LORD GERARD WAY!

  8. Gerard I just wanted to tell you and the guys that you truely saved my life. I might not be one of those fans who buy every single CD or goes to every concert (Truth be told I have even been to one YET) but that’s because I’m not a rich kid. I guess i’m lower middle class but that’s only because my parents are in the middle of an on going three year divorceand money has been really tight. But When i get a chance any chance really I listen to you guys. ABOUT the savingmy life part, One day I just decided I couldn’t take it anymore I took over 31 pills of Topamax and cut my arms (I used to be a really bad cutter) fortunately I woke up the next morning took 3 more pills went to school pass out and was sent to the hospital They made me drink this really nasty charcoal BLAHHHC!!!
    Anyway I left spent a week at home the next week cut all my hair off and wnet back to school. Somehow alot of people found out what happened and they haven’t treated me the same since but i had no idea how much i ment to some of my friends. At school i’m the weird freaky chic in my class I mainly hang with the guys because the girls are moronic preppy twits and i hate the prep stereotype.
    They “way” (l.o.l.) you guys and your music and mainly you saved me is because i started to notice I’m not the only one who feels this way plus I love the way portray death and darkness i think there’s a beauty in it but that just me please reply and if you want to email me (Dilvysdreams888) you can

  9. Hey Gerard!! I can’t wait ’till “The Umbrella Academy” comes out!!! I love you!! I also love MCR. I just need to clarify something to you: dude you are HOT!!!Even though you think you’re not,trust me, you are !!! My friends & I can’t wait until “The Umbrella Academy” comes out!!! We all love My Chemical Romance!!We know by heart all of your guys’ songs!!! Have I meantioned that you are sexy?!!! I love you who cares what color your hair is!!!Gerard if you hav ethe time email me at:[email protected] !!!!I love you Gerard Arthur Way!!!


    Aly Servin XOXOXO

  10. OMG I LOVE GERARD WAY, i have seen a preview of one of his comic books and it was awsome, it was just a page but it was awsome, i can’t wait till there being sold, maybe he will make a movie on the comics!!!! OMG that would be awsome lol!!!

    I Hope Gerard Checks These Sites lol!!!

    P.S. If anyone has any idea of where Gerard lives, what his fave drink is or anything that might be har to get could you email me it plz, thanx.

    [email protected]

  11. Hey, cannot wait for The Umbrella Academy!
    I’m so glad you decided to start the band, but that did put aside your love of art and comics, I’m sure this will be a big success with all of your adoring fans! =P
    Much love, and much luck.
    Emily, (I won’t say I am your biggest fan, because I know there are other people out there who love you very much too, but I do love you with all my heart.)

  12. hey hey hey gerard…..was up buddy…lol.. hope everything is going good…luv ya much as much can be and even more!!


  13. hope he is well and all! he is so fit! i would do anything for him! lol! luv ya Gerard Way! like to chat soon! good luck on ya ‘ The Umbrella Academy!
    luv 2 read it soon. luv loads! xxxxxGerard Wayxxxxxx

  14. abigal u and me fel the same way…lol..he is hotter than hott totally…he is da best fit person ever….lol good luck for the umbrella academy gerard luv ya lots forever……XOXOXOXOXO amanda

  15. if he lives in newark somewhere…..then I live kinda near him lol…thats soooooo cool…lol….where is newark located near or in cuz I think it’s near
    delaweare wat do u think abigail??

  16. Hey. Do any of u guys have msn cuz i do ! And it wuld be really kl 2 have you’r addies. Are you all MCR+ Gerard Way fans cuz I am lol ! han. WB

  17. Hey amanda that’s cool with me mate. Cool 2 know u love Gerard 2 cuz he rocks isn’t he just soooo CUTE ! So what’s your email adress I’ll give you mine ok it’s

    [email protected]

    PS- please tell me you’r email adress then this way we can talk more Hanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  18. Oh kl 2 hear from u Amanda thanks matexxx I’ll email u 2 lol !
    Does ani1 else have msn or email that will like 2 add me ?
    I’m nice and stuff lol ! Here’s my addie again 4 those interested.

    [email protected]

    Like 2 hear from u all sooon lol ! Hanxxx

  19. when does it get released!!! i’m saving money to buy that comic!!! haha i need it, need it! when does it come and and will there be a worldwide release?!! that’d be awesome if gerard went around the world to sign copies of his comic… i’d go nuts!

  20. Yer me 2 mate. I’d be like shit its Gee ! omfg lol ! I’m gunna get that mag even if its like i dunna $10000 lol ! i want it now ! oooh i’m also gunna buy this mcr shirt and action figure of gerard wen they have sum in stock ! ahh!

    Do u have msn by ani chance or email ???


  21. was up gerard way i love u so mutch but i dont think ure ever comment me backk u probly think im just a normal girl but im not i have a lot of problems…
    but i would really like u to comment me back
    nikki k.
    p.s. how old r u?

  22. Yep Amandas coorect ! HE’S 3O SOOOON ! oh yes ! 2 much older than me lol ! but hey the guy is hot ! I luve him 2 shame he doesn’t know us alll lol ! We know him ! lol !


    PS- Hey Amanda !

  23. Oh plus wen u get there click on the MCR PICTURE ! LOL ! THEN GO 2 FORUM AND POST AND DO WATEVA LOL ! HANXXXXXXXXXX I’m on there in sum of them lol ! BYexxxxxx

  24. hey han was up…yea i can’t wait I am drawing a picture for his birthday and sending it do this adress I have of theirs in my magazine called Bop so yea and he is much older than me too lol…but hey like you said the guy is hott well and sexi lol….so hows it going han??


  25. hello I am from Mexico. the truth not to be spoken ingles but any
    subject of Gerard interests and I want to me much to express my
    emotions by. I think that he is a wonderful boy I admire it and it
    enchants his form to me to be. Its musica is brilliant I hope that
    gerard prevails but of which already to sabresalido and that passes
    many good things to him in truth desire many good things in their life
    and I take it in all my Gerard orations he is a brilliant man. Its
    musica is great is the best MCR is a brilliant group In mexico for
    many is maximo I am included. the master

  26. I keep thinking about what I’m going to do 4 his birthday April 9th.
    Anyone have any ideas on what we shuld do 4 gee on his bday ?
    Like i wanna broadcast it to the world lol ! :P
    That wuld be kl tho :) On the 9th April I’ll be in skl and I’ll be like oi its gee’s bday u 4got cum ere (smack) . LOL Hanxxxxxxxxxxxx

  27. when? when’s the release?? huhu… it’s almost 2 months of waiting… wish they’d SELL IT HERE IN THE PHILIPPINES, i’ve already concidred it as my fave book though haven’t read it yet… lol!!!!!

    and yeaah keep listenin’ to gerard’s music, buy mcr’s latest album and upcoming next next next album…:)

    and by the way ITS GERARD not gerarld..:) AND ABOUT HIS BIRTHDAY i plan to celebrate it onmy birthday… april 1.. cause it’s kinda close to the date u know..

  28. when? when’s the release?? huhu… it’s almost 2 months of waiting… wish they’d SELL IT HERE IN THE PHILIPPINES, i’ve already concidred it as my fave book though haven’t read it yet… lol!!!!!

    and by the way ITS GERARD not gerarld..:) AND ABOUT HIS BIRTHDAY i plan to celebrate it onmy birthday… april 1.. cause it’s kinda close to the date u know..

  29. Gerard way is soooooooooooooooooooooo hhhhhhhhooooooooottttttttttt!!!
    I cant belive im not gonna be with him on his birth day!He needs me to be there even though im 9!Well im turning ten oct 8!

  30. When i listen to your music i understand what your trying to say!When my friends listen they dont get what i hear.When i tell them they think im a freak!I dont get why i hang out with the girls!there so preppy and think they own the school!They dont like you guys so thats a real big problem for me.They always do somthing bad and then blame it on me!I try to tell the principl but she dosent listen!One time they blamed me for knocking on a teachers door(i wasnt even there)and running away!when i hang(try)
    out with the boys they do the same to me!At school i dont fit in anywhere
    Sometimes i get so depressed nothing can cheer me up.One time i got carried away and turned emo!It was real bad!For about a month i had to wear long sleave shirts!Im a faluire at every thing!No matter what it is i always fale!Atleast every 3 months i lose some one i love!I listen to MCR
    and realize im not allone!people suffer the same as i do!Whenever i try to kill myself i always get caught!No matter if its at school or at home!Gerard saved my life!!

  31. Gerard I love you withall my heart and much more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!iM bOrEd!!!!
    iTs 10:30 hErE!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. OKAY OKAY ! I added u to my email adress thingy and I sent u an emai lso keep in touch lil kid lol ! Hanxx