What with Devil’s Due bringing back Sheena, Queen of the Jungle, it was suggested we link to the Sheena home page, which has lots of galleries of pictures of Sheena in all her incarnations, from comics to pulps, to tv to movies and so on. There’s also a gallery of photos of the beautiful irish McCalla, who played Sheena in the 50s TV serial and was, let’s face it, a lot spunkier than Tanya Roberts. In fact the 40s and 50s were supposedly repressive times for American women, and yet these vulture-kicking, knife-weilding images are a lot tougher then the female heroes you see these days. Now we wonder why that is?

Anyway we picked two images we particularly liked but there are zillions more at the link, including a Bollywood Sheena, so enjoy.


  1. Glad to see that a career woman like Sheena still has time to perfectly coif her mane and apply lipstick each morning before heading out to kick rhino ass, or whatever. I posit chimpanzee beauticians.