Last month, Marvel revealed that the MCU version of the Ten Rings would debuting the mainstream comics in the pages of the Shang-Chi ongoing series from writer Gene Luen Yang and artist Marcus To. However, today the publisher announced the decision to relaunch the series as Shang-Chi and the Ten Rings with a new #1 issue this July. Yang and To will remain on the series, but no additional creators for the series were named in the announcement.

The previously solicited Shang-Chi #13 will now be Shang-Chi and the Ten Rings #1 and as such will include a new cover from artist Dike Ruan.

Shang-Chi and the Ten Rings

Fans will recall that Yang along with artists Dike Ruan and Phillip Tan launched this current Shang-Chi ongoing series written two years ago ahead of the MCU film starring Simu Liu as the titular character.

In a deviation from the comics, the film reimagined the Iron Man foe The Mandarin as the father of Shang-Chi with his iconic Ten Rings depicted as wrist-sized as opposed to wearing them on his fingers. This isn’t the first time that Marvel Comics has changed characters and concepts to more closely align with the MCU. The Infinity Stones for instance, were originally called Infinity Gems in the comics and had different color attributes before Marvel changed them.

So it isn’t a complete surprise that the the first issue will feature a showdown between Shang-Chi and Razorfist, played by Florian Munteanu in the feature film. Moreover, the press release also teases the first appearance of an all-new villain named Red Cannon:

Shang-Chi has gained possession of the powerful Ten Rings. But so much concentrated energy has not gone unnoticed. Now, every bounty hunter, assassin and evil syndicate in the Marvel Universe is coming to take the Rings from him! But will the responsibility and the truth of the Rings be too much to bear for the hero? The debut issue will see Shang-Chi in a striking showdown with Razorfist, more trouble for the Five Weapons Society, and the first appearance of a new foe—RED CANNON!

Yang expressed his excitement about continuing Shang-Chi’s saga as well as the opportunity to collaborate with To:

“It’s been such a joy to work with Marcus To over the last couple of months.  He’s a brilliant artist.  His characters are vibrant and full of energy, and he’s so good at fight choreography! We’re all really excited about the new #1!  And about bringing in ten of the most powerful items ever into the Marvel Universe!”

Marcus To added:

“Gene and I are gearing up to give the fans one hell of an action packed book. Shang-Chi is the greatest hand-to-hand combatant in the Marvel Universe, and we’re gonna show it in this story.”

Look for Shang-Chi and the Ten Rings #1 to arrive in stores on Wednesday July20, 2022.