HhetbMovieWeb is running a contest to win a copy of THE HILLS HAVE EYES 2 dvd. Now why do I care? First off, I edited the very fine The Hills Have Eyes: The Beginning graphic novel, now on sale, and I suggest you run out and buy a copy because it features the fine stylings of Palmiotti, Gray, Higgins and Calero. But why should you want the DVD? Well, in addition to the utter mayhem in the main film, check out the extras:

DVD Features:
– Alternate Ending
– Deleted Scenes
– Exploring the Hills: The Making of The Hills Have Eyes 2 Featurette
– Fox Movie Channel Presents: Life After Film School with Wes Craven
– Mutant Attacks Featurette
– Birth of a Graphic Novel Featurette
– Gag Reel
– Trailers

Yes that “Birth of a Graphic Novel featurette” features myself, and the very fine Palmiotti, Gray, Higgins and Calero and additionally the super fine Eric Lieb, and we are all blabbing in a featurette that, frankly, when I saw it, shocked me with its quality. I mean, I realized I wasn’t dealing with a rinky dink outfit here.

Anyway, it amuses me to be part of a DVD featurette (although I think I got credit for research on a Bruce Campbell interview on a Xena dvd). So…here’s a contest to win a copy. Good luck, y’all!