Inside baseball of inside baseball, big changes are on their way to, one of the first comics journalism sites to hit the world wide web.  On Twitter today, site founder Jonah Weiland announced that he had sold the site to Valnet, a Canadian-based company that specializes in developing media-focused websites such as Screen Rant, which it also owns.

Jonah Weiland (right) with DC Comics co-publisher Jim Lee (left)

Weiland has stewarded to site to massive success since its inception in 1995.  In a press release, he said that

“After 21 incredible years running CBR, it’s time to begin a new chapter. I’m very proud of what the site has become and what the CBR team has accomplished. Knowing that the CBR legacy will continue to grow in the capable hands of Valnet and their team is enormously gratifying.”

For reference, I was two years old when Weiland launched CBR.  Man how the times change!

If you examine CBR’s website or social media accounts, you’ll find neither hair nor tail of the ownership change.  While it is possible that the site will make a statement at a later time, CBR and Valnet seem to be aiming to make the transition of ownership as seamless as possible.  However, that does not mean big changes aren’t coming– stay tuned to The Beat as the story develops!

For now though, congratulations to Jonah for all the fantastic work that he has done for the industry over the past 21 years.  Neither comics nor comics journalism would be where it is today without him.  We look forward to seeing what he does next!


  1. That’s a Huge accomplishment for what was originally a Kingdom Come Message Board and links to other websites (“Jonah’s Crappy Page of Links.”

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