Well, speak of the devil, we were just talking about his library event and now he has a new job!

Diamond Book Distributors has hired John Shableski as Sales Manager for its growing graphic novel sales to the book trade.

Shableski will be responsible for overseeing sales & marketing efforts to independent bookstores, library and school markets.

John brings twenty-one years of marketing and promotions experience to Diamond, and is recognized nationally as an industry expert on the promotion, sales and distribution of graphic novels for the library market. John formerly worked for the Brodart Company where he held the position of Graphic Novels coordinator along with Marketing and Sales Coordinator for their Tartan Books division.

“John Shableski brings to Diamond Book Distributors and our publishers a wealth of experience, energy and contacts. We look forward to his contributions to help our publishers increase their business in the growing educational and independent bookstore markets,” said Kuo-Yu Liang, Diamond Book Distributors VP of Sales and Marketing.

Diamond Book Distributors is a division of Diamond Comic Distributors, Inc., the world’s largest distributor of English-language comic books and related merchandise. Diamond Book Distributors is dedicated to making a wide selection of graphic novels and other pop culture collectibles available to the book market.


  1. This is great news on many fronts, both for John and for Diamond Book Distributors. As popular as it may be in certain circles to bash Diamond, ya gotta admit that, perhaps especially for the Book Distribition side, they’ve got a knack for really smart hires.

    Congratulations John! Congratulations DBD!

  2. I worked with John when he was at Brodart. His learning curve on graphic novels in just a few short years is nothing short of phenomenal. If you’ve ever met him in person, he’s an absolute dynamo, so full of energy, and he’ll just carry you along in his enthusiasm. And it’s utterly sincere! It’s so cool he’s now working for Diamond Book Distributors! He intends to conquer the world for graphic novels, I kid you not!

  3. Hey thanks guys for the kind words. The new gig is just amazing. The last time I had this much fun? Was probably when I was surfing every day several eons ago. Now, I get to live in the graphic novel world, work with librarians and teachers and expand my focus to include the independent booksellers. It really is as fun as surfing. How cool is that?

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