Although we get all the PR, we haven’t been covering Vivid’s Axel Braun directed series of porn parodies of geek-beloved franchises because, well, it’s not really in our target demo. However a recent release backs up what we’ve been told by porn industry insiders for quite a while: these nerd-themed parodies are the only hot category in the original porn business as homemade sex tapes and VOD have changed the entire distribution model. As Braun told Die Screaming:

A: The geek community is heavily tied to science fiction, comic books, and superheroes. With the mainstream movie industry focusing on these types of projects in recent years, geeks suddenly became a very important target audience. They are incredibly dedicated fans, excellent critics, and their massive networking can literally make or break a movie. When the proliferation of the Internet killed DVD sales, I decided it was time to stop trying to lure back the typical porn consumers from the dark side of free adult content, and I went after a different demographic. Geeks were an ideal target, and being one of them it was fairly easy to know what they wanted: parodies of cult movies, TV shows, comic books, or superheroes, infused with obvious deep knowledge of the subject matter, tons of nerdy references, and obsessive attention to detail. And boobs. How could I lose by being so totally awesome?

The parody porn boom started with 2010’s BATMAN XXX which was one of the fastest selling adult movies of the year. Quickly picking up on what was selling, Vivid has followed with Spider-Man, X-Men, Pirates of the Caribbean and Star wars porn parodies. The series has even won Braun two “Director of the Year” awards from the AVN awards, and producer Steven Hirsch an AVN Visionary award.

The moral of the story? Identifying market trends quickly helps you stay on top of a fast evolving marketplace.

That and….BOOBS.


  1. Also the fact that the parodies they’re doing are actually well written (for porn) and they really do a good job in getting the costumes correct also helps.

    They’re showing how right they want to get it (besides adding in the sex) and the sales are their reward.

    Go look up photos of the upcoming Superman/Spider-Man XXX crossover movie. They took the designs right out of the Treasury Sized comic.

  2. Yep its happening. And the Luthor and Dr. Octopus costumes are RIGHT out of the comic in perfect detail.

    But Spider-Woman’s also involved, with a great costume as well.

  3. It’s too bad these guys are making porn. The costumes are right on. Why not just make a regular film?

    And I’ve heard that the BATMAN XXX has a “non-porn” version, and the story is actually pretty good and funny.

  4. I agree these movies are actually very well done with the costumes and whatnot, but for some reason I still lose interest after ten minutes or so.

  5. Re: Superman meets Spider-Man XXX

    03/02/2012 AT 5:22 AM

    “…Spider-Woman’s also involved, with a great…”


    aw right…as long as they’ll be some women in there.

  6. The Batman TV parody was quite entertaining. The design and acting were spot-on.

    The only criticism: once a character removes his or her costume for sex, they become just like every other boring everyday sex film found online. The fetish disappears when the costume does. Robin/Batgirl was sexy because they kept their mask/cowl on. But the Batman/Robin/Catwoman “team-up”… *yawn*

    If they make a regular film, then it’s not parody.

    Via my Watchtower report (the Archie link above), Axel Braun and friends at Comic-Con:

    Xander Corvus could also play Iron Man.