Seven Seas Entertainment announces four new manga/light novel licenses

Dungeon fantasy and romantic complications are coming


Seven Seas Entertainment just announced licenses for four new manga and a light novel series.  The good news is if you favor D&D-type fantasy or you’re more into romantic complications or maybe even workplace comedy with murders is your deal then you’re really in for some treats.  However, if you prefer romantically complicated workplace comedy murder-dungeons you’ll just have to hold out hope for Seven Seas’ next big announcement.

Dungeon Dive

Original story by Tarisa Warinai with illustration by Saki Ukai, Adapted story and art by Keisuke Sato

One moment Kanami is visiting his sick little sister in the hospital, and the next thing he knows, he wakes up in a dark corridor full of cutthroat warriors and bloodthirsty monsters. Kanami quickly learns that he is in the “labyrinth,” a deadly 100-floor dungeon in a fantasy world–and for those able to reach the deepest level, a wish will be granted. Kanami seems to have received magic powers and a special unnamed skill that kicks in whenever he is overwhelmed, which helps him stabilize but has a disturbing effect on his emotions and mind. After attracting the attention of a mysterious girl, Kanami may have the power he needs to return home to his ailing sister…but at what price?

Known in Japan as Aim For the Deepest Part of the Different World Labyrinth, the light novel series by Tarisa Warinai and illustrator Saki Ukai that inspired this manga has 15 volumes in print (the final one just saw publication in January 2021) and proved popular enough at one point for a Wizardry Online RPG collaboration event.  Looks like we’re in for some dungeon-crawling manga action around these parts.

Happy Kanako’s Killer Life

Story and art by Toshiya Wakabayashi

When Kanako accidentally applies to work at an assassination agency, the timid office worker discovers that she has a knack for bumping people off. Will she ever earn the respect of Sakurai, her prickly and kinda hot co-worker–and why is she still having silly workplace problems when she’s employed with hitmen?! This full-color manga is dangerously funny!

Years ago it was common practice within assassination agencies to avoid workplace drama at all costs.  These days, with the loss of many of our traditional drama outlets and more people finding themselves completely absorbed in their work, messy personal complications are becoming increasingly acceptable throughout the industry.  So much so there are now comedy manga like this one.  With this manga’s colorful art and sense of humor I imagine a lot of readers working as assassins will find themselves identifying with Kanako or even Sakurai.

Loner Life in Another World

Story by Shoji Goji, illustrations by booota

When acerbic loner Haruka gets transported to another world with his class, he’s not big on adventuring, but he wouldn’t mind some cool magic of his own. Unfortunately, the magic powers are first-come-first-served, and by Haruka’s turn, there’s nothing good left to choose from. Now he’ll have to take on this fantasy world the hard way, with a hodgepodge selection of bizarre skills…and with all the girls in class tagging along!

Isekai means this is one of those “regular teens transported to another world” stories, but it has a “chosen last in PE class” comedy angle that makes it stand out in a crowded genre.  What kind of sloppy leftover power does Haruka find himself stuck trying to master?  Best way to find out is to read this when it releases in August.


Sora and Hara/O.B. (Classmates)

Story and art by Asamiko Nakamura

In Sora and Hara, learn more about the teacher Hara Manabu, a gay man who feels somewhat adrift in the world. He spends his days teaching at an all-boys school, his nights out on the town. While at a gay bar, he meets a young man named Sorano and makes an instant connection. But things become complicated when he sees Sorano again–as a new student at school! Hara immediately shuts down the possibility of a relationship, although the situation is unearthing issues from Hara’s youth, when he himself had complicated sexual feelings in his teens…and the current emotional baggage that still lingers with his now-graduated student, Rihito. In this darkly comedic drama about love and aging, a seen-it-all teacher has more learning of his own to do.

In O.B., Hikaru and Rihito may have graduated high school, but their life beyond is just beginning! Can these two boys keep their relationship strong while they grow into adults together? Meanwhile, many of their friends, including their former teacher Hara, are dealing with their own relationship drama. This collection of manga stories from the modern BL classic, Classmates, was originally released in two volumes in Japan, but will be published together in English as a single omnibus.

This is a pretty huge deal.  Asumiko Nakamura’s Classmates first saw print in Opera magazine in 2006 and blossomed into a franchise with sequels and spin-offs and even a themed pop-up café in Harajuku.  The 2016 limited-release animated feature adaptation cracked the top 10 box office list in Japan during its early run.  The most recent iteration, Futuragashi (“Living Together”), just started serialization in Opera in December 2020.  Absolutely beautiful watercolor art on display here, too.

By the way, O.B. is simply short for “old boys,” meaning alumni.  The O.B. and O.G. (figure that one out for yourself, please!) often return to their high schools for festivals, ceremonies and special events.  Where ever you live you can graduate high school but high school never seems to graduate you.

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