By Steve Morris

Over on his Tumblr blog, writer Brian Wood has confirmed that his run on adjectiveless X-Men – otherwise known as ‘Steve’s favourite comic with X-Men in the title’ – will end with issue #37. His run, with David Lopez and Roland Boschi, featured a female-dominated cast including Pixie and Storm, and was essentially a politically-leant spy-series.

The new creative team for the book will be writer Seth Peck and artist Paul Azaceta. Peck confirmed the news on his twitter, revealing that the first two issues of his run will feature a guest-appearance from Daredevil. And! Azaceta has revealed a first look at the story:

Issue #38 will be released in September. And it’s also worth noting that Wood will still be writing Ultimate X-Men, and doesn’t discount the possibility of a return to the ‘616’ at some point down the line.


  1. “I’m sure this won’t be the last time…” is not much of a confirmation of a new project! I don’t want to suggest anything that’s not the case.

  2. You, Brian Wood, sir, are preventing me from dropping Ultimate X-Men. Shame on you.

    All jokes aside I’m greatly enjoying your work, Conan and The Massive in particular, and I’m looking forward to reading Star Wars (and I never bought a Star Wars comic before).

  3. That’s unfortunate. Nothing against Seth Peck, as I’ve never read anything by the guy, but I was reading X-Men because of Brian.

    In case he is reading this, thank you for your job.

  4. I love Brian’s work, but Seth and Paul are a phenomenal team.

    Extremely excited to see these guys operate for a while.

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