Rumor going round that Andy Serkis will play Captain Haddock in the Tintin film being made by Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson.

Serkis is best known for playing both Gollum and King Kong via mocap.

Pretty decent casting. Serkis is known for his vocal pyrotechnics and would certainly be able to splutter “Blistering barnacles!” with verve.


  1. Yes, but can he say it after a bottle of whiskey and being showered with the unwanted affections of Bianca Castafiore?
    I cannot wait for this movie!!!!
    The thing is, is Serkis a big guy? I always imagined Haddock as kinda tall and beefy.

  2. Wait….this film is being directed by Peter Jackson? ‘King Kong’ Jackson? ‘Ring-Lord’ Jackson?

    Forgive me for sayhing this, but I hope the movie takes after Spielberg…

  3. Blistering barnacles, I say! Serkis is way too slight to play Haddock. When I first heard he was cast, I was thinking Professor Calculus was a likely role. Can you imagine Haddock at 5′ 8″?! I guess they can “blow him up” using that creepy performance capture stuff they’re doing the movie in, though, right?