We hadn’t been paying that much attention to the recent HULK DVD release, aside from the barely-there Captain America cameo. However, this Film Threat article by Scott Mendelson reminded us of all that talk of the squabbles between Edward Norton and the studio over direction and such. What was that all about? Well, it seems the extra 45 minutes of footage on the DVD do tell some of the tale:

Many of the issues that I had with the picture would have been lessened if not erased with the inclusion of this new material. Granted, few probably would’ve wanted to sit through a 170 minute Incredibly Hulk movie, but surely there could have been an extra 20 minutes or so to justify including some of the terrific stuff detailed below.

The bulk of the footage concerns three things, subplots that resulted in three complete characters being more or less excised from the film.

My favorite material involves the (professional) relationship between General Ross and Major Kathleen ‘Kat’ Sparr (Christina Cabot). Apparently this character is in the comics, and the presence of this intelligent, opinionated, and fleshed-out female character would have done much to lessen my annoyance at the paper thin character of Betty Ross. There is an obvious mutual respect, if not always trust, between General Ross and Major Sparr, and their scenes allow William Hurt to come off as far less cartoonish and more misguided.


  1. I watched the 2 Disc DVD over the weekend – and I want to HULK smash the puny schmuck who even made up the Captain America cameo rumor.

    There’s not one trace of Captain America in the Alternative opening, and I watched three freaking times.

    Better yet – it’s not really so much of a alternative opening but better suited as a ALTERNATIVE ENDING.

    The bulk of the deleted scenes that were snipped had a lot to do with the romantic triangle between Banner, Betty, and Doc Samson.