Marvel announced via Hero Complex, what will hopefully be the final announcement of Secret Wars tie-in books. Secret Wars: House of M will be written by by Dennis Hopeless and illustrated by long-time X-Men artist Kris Anka.

The series set in Battleworld! will follow the premise of “if House of M never ended” and will focus mostly on the ruling family of Magneto, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. It could also mean the continuity changes of Mageneto no longer being their father will be put to the side for the sake of the book. Other mentioned characters in the series include Fing Fang Foom and Namor.

Writer Dennis Hopeless teased a bit of what we’ll see, “The original House of M is about the Avengers waking up in and then bringing down this Magneto dream world. Secrets were revealed, the family was torn apart and Wanda depowered most of the mutants on Earth,” says Hopeless. “Our story is a different thing altogether. This House of M is alive and well. Magneto, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch have the kind of complicated relationships you’d expect amongst members of a ruling family but their world isn’t crumbling around them. They drive each other nuts for all the normal reasons.”

House of M was also the last announcement among the books that were teased at the end of last year.  Though it doesn’t necessarily mean Marvel is done trying to jam more books into an already overcrowded week.

No official date was given for the book.

Are you hoping we’ve seen the last of the announcements? If you HAD to pick one of the tie-ins to read which would it be? Has Marvel sold anyone on the $500 Secret Wars bundle?


  1. Charles, not to my knowledge. My hope is they’ll announce Secret Wars: Secret Wars which they revisit the original event and someone above Axel and Joe says, “really guys?”. Or Secret Wars: Image, where Tom Defalco never lost the Image 7. I think the only book in this whole thing I’m excited about is Old Man Logan.

  2. How about Secret Wars: Heroes Reborn! Marvel still have yet to announce Secret Wars: Fear Itself or Secret Wars: Secret Invasion. More cash grab opportunities brought to you by the fine folks at the House of M(arvel) or should that be Disney.

  3. I think if Disney could they’d stop letting Marvel publish or at least cut the amount they put out. Comics don’t bring the revenue Disney would like. Right now they see it as a necessary evil in order to have a good relationship with the creative minds that contribute to Marvel films. Right now because Disney doesn’t know the comics world they let Marvel publishing do what they want. The second a major investment like Secret Wars doesn’t pay off then they’ll be more hands on.

    Disney Studios in California the Marvel floors are separate and from what I understand Disney personnel aren’t allowed unless invited.

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