Marvel announced via yet another new title debuting in July during Secret Wars. Ian, the adopted son of Captain America, will be starring in Secret Wars: Hail Hydra. The book written by Rick Remender and drawn by Roland Boschi will see the character transplanted from the 616 to Battleworld in a “fish out of water” scenario. He’ll face the dangers of a world run by Hydra.

Remender was coy when asked if current Captain America Sam Wilson would be making an appearance in the book, but did say fans would see characters from All-New Captain America alongside Hydra-fied versions of Marvel favorites. All this in a patch of Battleworld where Hydra has usurped the American ideal.

Remender also teased a little bit about what he’s doing post Secret Wars, “I’m working on the big post-Secret Wars project right now, and it allows me to give readers a very clear and true starting point with a beloved franchise. It enables me to pick and choose what I think are the most integral and exciting aspects of that property. Coming out of the other end of Secret Wars, I’ll have the opportunity to do things in a much cleaner fashion.”

No word on how long Hail Hydra will run.

As readers, are you excited for this latest Secret Wars tie-in or will you be skipping it?



  1. Skip. Not a lot of interest in Remender’s company-owned work or the Cap stuff in general. Plus I’m just generally “meh” on Secret Wars so far. I admit, some of the nostalgia titles put smile on my face, but literal months of line-wide “What Ifs” needs a stronger hook than what Marvel’s revealed so far to get me on board.

  2. I agree with the sentiments. This is just way too much now, a ton of stories that by definition won’t matter in 6 months.

    Also if there is such a website someone send me a link, I’d love to buy a button.

  3. Wait… on another website it sorta sounded like Andrew Robinson was doing the artwork. Ugh. He’s only doing covers. I was so excited! Ah well, another one to not pick up! Call me crazy, but with so many random books that won’t matter much in a short period of time (coming from both Marvel and DC in the next couple of months) I’m pretty much only picking up titles/two-parters, etc. that have great artists who’s work I love. That’s my selling point.

    I think Marvel is doing themselves a huge disservice with the whole keeping these books vague. Are they minis? on-goings? How in the world would these last as on-goings? Maybe they’re doing as much because they don’t want people to find out about: reboot! ;)

  4. @Nathan – I don’t think anyone’s fooled about the reboot at this point. Soft reboot, full reboot, whatever. And it’s not going to do anything to fix the things that actually make comics as a hobby so unattractive — increasing prices, shrinking page counts, bait-and-switch creative teams, overly complex, disruptive mega-cross-over events, etc. I’ve watched so many of my circle either drop out of comics entirely or start torrenting over the years due to these factors, and it’s just depressing.

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