Today via MTV News, Marvel announced a new Secret Wars tie-in. It was about time for Skottie Young to enter the Secret Wars fold with more than just a cover or two, what better title than Giant-Size Little Marvel: AVX #1.

Young will revisit the original one-shot parody he did post AvX. When asked about how the series would fit into Secret Wars the artist was coy in responding:

“Hmmm… There’s just so many SECRETS I don’t know what to say. (Giant Sized Little Pun.) I’m doing what I usually do with my Marvel projects and having fun over in the crazy kid’s sandbox. I wrote this whole series while turning on the TV, sitting with my 5-year-old son, putting on episodes of our favorite cartoons and listening to him pretend and laugh and act up. After a week of that, one of us was crazy… or both. But that gives you an idea of the tone of the book. It’s just a lot fun with the little trouble-making versions of your favorite Marvel characters.”

As with most of the recently announced tie-in books, there was no word on how long the series would run.

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