SPACE - An Eschew Collection - Cover.jpg

Let’s get going with spring book announcements: SPACE, a collection of Robert Sergal’s series ESCHEW. Sergal is an Ignatz Award nominee for Outstanding Comic and a Best American Comics selection, and his comics are short, stark but funny snapshots of awkward interactions, body humor and moment we’d often rather forget.

Rod Lott, of Bookgasm writes:
“This black-and-white anthology goes for the absurd, more often than not, starting with “Flying Squirrel,” in which a squirrel indeed flies, but unwittingly so. It’s wordless, save for one laugh-aloud line at the end… And you’re an asshole if you laugh. Like I did.”
Eschew deploys a truly immaculate, almost inhumanly perfect line to depict us at our messiest and most human. SPACE includes the first three issues of the series, expanded and enhanced, along with a host of rarely seen and never before printed work. Sergel captures life’s little moments, when no one is looking, that make you laugh out loud to remember, that you would think twice before sharing and that are the building blocks of wisdom.
As Minty Lewis, of PS Comics (Secret Acres) and Cartoon Network’s The Regular Show, writes:
“I don’t know why this series and Robert Sergel aren’t catching more buzz! Or maybe they are and I am just not jacked in (possible but unlikely, as I have my finger on the pulse of today’s youth). Anyway, Eschew offers nice tidy art, nice dry humor, and nice dreary atmosphere. In return, I offer my full endorsement, whether or not that means anything to you.”

SPACE goes on sale April 12th, following its launch at the 2016 Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art Festival in New York City on April 2nd.
• BOOK DEBUT: Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art Festival, April 2ND and 3rd, 2016 at Metropolitan West, 649 W 46th St., New York, NY 10036
• IN STORES APRIL 12th, 2016
• TRADE PAPER, 156 pgs, ISBN 978-0-9962739-2-3, 5x7in, $15.00