Second Coming, an upcoming Vertigo series by writer Mark Russell and artist Richard Pace, has been cancelled by the publisher ahead of the first issue’s release date. The series, a biblical satire in which God sends Jesus back to Earth to learn how to be a better savior from Sun-Man, the world’s greatest superhero, was one of the first books to be announced as part of the relaunch of the Vertigo imprint. The first two issues had been solicited, with Second Coming #1’s FOC this past Monday and a March 6th scheduled release date.

The series had drawn criticism from conservative groups based on what they cited as a blasphemous premise. News outlets like Fox News and World Religion News covered the announcement of the book, and an online petition to DC/Vertigo to stop the release of the book has received over 200K signatures.

On Twitter, both Russell (whose first issue of DC’s Wonder Twins was released today) and Pace clarified that DC/Vertigo have returned the rights to Second Coming to them, and that the series will eventually see release from another publisher.

The pair also also thanked the Vertigo editorial team for their hard work on the series.

The cancellation of Second Coming is the latest stumbling block for the relaunched Vertigo imprint. In December, the publisher cancelled another of its titles, Border Town, following allegations of sexual assault against the series writer.

No word yet on who will rise to the occasion as new publisher for Second Coming, or when the title will be resurrected. For people like me who were looking forward to reading the series, though, it’s heartening to know that it will still see the light of day eventually.


  1. I was looking forward to reading it, and I’m glad they were able to amicably work it out so it will.

    Off the top of my head, The Dreaming, Lucifer and American Carnage are the Vertigo books still out there, and that I think are good. Would be a shame to see a fizzle or drop in quality in existing or new titles.

  2. What exactly did they think the consequence would be if they published the book despite the petition and complaints? There are no advertisers to boycott and the people who are upset are already not buying comics.

    DC: Damned Cowards.

  3. Did anyone actually hear/see/read any religious complaints? I heard more people complaining that Mark Russell was back on his sub-South Park BS again more than anything. But I guess we’re not allowed to point out that readers are tired of his routine and treat losing “Saint Young Men but edgy & stupid” as a crime against art.

  4. @Carter

    DC is owned by AT&T now and they don’t want to be on the news for a comic they have enough with their own evil crap.

  5. I’m a practicing Catholic, but I was REALLY excited for this, and am bummed it won’t be published. As a side note- I worked briefly with Molly in the past and thought she was a fantastic editor.

  6. The petition is a useful smokescreen to allow DC to cancel this, the real reason being that the sales on it would have been godawful. The Vertigo relaunch has been a complete disaster but i guess that’s what you get when you put virtue signalling before good storytelling.

    Also, I guess now Richard Pace will know what ya boi Zach felt when the mob stopped his comic being published at Antarctic. Maybe now Pace will be able to get back to his kickstarter project that’s four years late.

  7. Well, I sat on this one for a while. Knowing full well, I’d probably catch flak. But, I am a more “relaxed” Christian, and I still found this to be offensive! It felt like it tried to be “edgy” and “controversial” just because. We really did not need this at all Let’s just write good stories again, where heroes are heroes and villains are villains! Nuff’ said!

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