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DC ROUND-UP: SUPERGIRL: WOMAN OF TOMORROW #8 Reveals How Supergirl Killed Krem

SUPERGIRL: WOMAN OF TOMORROW #8 is the end of Tom King's Supergirl story, but does it stick the landing?

The Never-Ending Battle: SUPERGIRL AND TEAM LUTHOR #1

Supergirl and Team Luthor #1 is a disappointing bridge before the Return of Superman.
Supergirl - Woman of Tomorrow

DC ROUND-UP: SUPERGIRL – WOMAN OF TOMORROW looks great, but how does it read?

Plus, Static Season One #1 has arrived.
Supergirl - Woman of Tomorrow

Tom King and Bilquis Evely team for SUPERGIRL: WOMAN OF TOMORROW

The new eight-issue series is slated to launch in June.

THE FLASH casts actress Sasha Calle as the DCEU’s Supergirl

Filming on the forthcoming THE FLASH film is set to begin soon.
Supergirl CW

SUPERGIRL’s sixth season will be the last for the CW series

The series will conclude with a 20-episode final season.

INTERVIEW: Nicole Maines on bringing trans issues to SUPERGIRL

Sitting in the dark eating Ritz Crackers is trans solidarity.

How Supergirl has failed the Legion of Super-Heroes

Supergirl has had a problem with adapting the future super team.

REVIEW: Supergirl tackles her biggest challenge yet in Season 4

Supergirl tackles her biggest enemies yet: prejudice and racism.

The CW orders SUPERGIRL spinoff SUPERMAN & LOIS straight to series

The series will follow Clark and Lois as they adjust to being working parents.

Recap: SUPERGIRL S5E9 – “Crisis on Infinite Earths, Part One”

A solid start to an ambitious story.

New Arrowverse CRISIS spots tease Harbinger, Pariah, and the deaths of Supergirl and The...

As another Earth falls, Lyla assembles the heroes of the Arrowverse and prepares them for battle.

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