After I reported in The Guardian yesterday that Seaguy Eternal had been written and was hopefully due for release next year, there was a little bit of confusion. Artist Cameron Stewart had not received the script, and some comic sites jumped on this. And then the script arrived!

seaguy_3From yesterday’s Guardian piece, Grant Morrison: why I’m resurrecting Wonder Woman:

“It’s honestly the best I’ve ever written,” says Morrison of the scuba-suit-wearing superhero with no superpowers. “It never sold well, but it’s my thing. I want Seaguy to remain as my statement about life and death and the universe.” Given that, until recently, Seaguy had a cigar-smoking tuna fish as a sidekick, this is no ordinary wish.

Please note that Morrison says nothing of the art being completed, though we all know that Stewart is a ridiculously talented artist, not least when it comes to timescale. Stewart mentioned via twitter that he had yet to receive a script:

Ad my inbox exploded. More than it was doing already I mean. Thankfully, through the magic that is Grant Morrison we soon got this update:

Mwahaha. But please remember that a good chunk of 2014 is over a year away!

In the spirit of clearing up confusion, here is the full extract of what Morrison had to say on the subject of the new Seaguy, with much more on all other manner of subjects to come next week.


And then Vertigo, when their preview book [at SDCC last month] came out-

GM: Yeah Seaguy as well, Seaguy’s coming out. I just sent the first one in last week. And honestly that’s the best I’ve ever written in my life. That one will stand. If nothing else remains, I want Seaguy to remain as my statement about life and death and the universe!

It seems to be the one everyone’s waiting for.

GM: Good, good! Again, it never sold well, but it’s my thing. And I think once it’s a book it’ll be really something special.

And I guess with Cameron being so quick-

GM: And he gets better all the time, so it’s good, it now looks like a trilogy. It’s like three stages of even his artistic development as well.

So would that be this year? [I’m sleep deprived here!]

GM: Nah, that’ll be next year. I know he’s got some stuff to do. He finished his Captain Marvel [from Multiversity] though in like two months and Frank Quitely’s been two years on his Multiversity book! [laughs] But Cameron’s just, Cameron’s very dedicated. He’s got a work ethic. So I feel once he’s finished his project[s] he’ll get onto this. Seaguy… thirty-two pages will take him a month and a half? [grins wickedly]

And he’s got coming out his collection of his webcomic-

GM: Yes Sin Titulo, which is brilliant! He wanted me to write a thing for that but I still haven’t done it. It’s just I don’t know what to say, it was so good! It was like a David Lynch movie. “This really affected me and it was great and I don’t want to try and unpack it! I don’t want to waste it!”


Coming out on September 24th is the gorgeous looking hardcover collection of Stewart’s Sin Titulo, from Dark Horse Comics, which you can/should/must pre-order now (Diamond code: MAY130033).

More to come from that interview on Batman Inc, Action Comics, Wonder Woman, Annihilator and others, next week.


  1. Wait. Issue 1 -32?

    Now that could mean 32 issues (which is unlikely) or 32 pages. I hope it’s the former but it’s probably the latter.

    Whatever, excited about this

  2. I’ve read all of Seaguy to this point. Just not my thing. I love most of Morrison’s stuff. Really not sure why he likes this story in particular.

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