Sea of Stars, the new creator-owned comic from writers Jason Aaron (Thor, Star Wars) and Dennis Hallum (Spider-Woman) with artist Stephen Greem (Hellboy and the BPRD), now has a trailer.
The book is due out from Image Comics in July, and it has been billed as Jack Kirby meets Finding Nemo and Cormac McCarthy’s The Road…in space. It takes a story from Aaron about a little boy swimming through the stars with a story from Hallum about an ice-truck driver’s missing child in the arctic, and it finds space for them to intertwine.
Aaron himself probably explained it best during the initial PR burst for the project:

…Dennis and I are basically doing two radically different perspectives on the same sort of deep space journey. While the kid finds himself suddenly gifted with a wondrous power that allows him to joyfully swim his way through the stars alongside some talking space animals, the dad is alone and fighting for his life every step of the way against the most dangerous and inhospitable environment imaginable. And then there’s the matter of the giant space monster that seems to have a strange interest in both father and son.

You can watch the new trailer, which really shows off some stupendous art, below:


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