Cast and developers from TT Games mingled with media on Friday to talk about the upcoming LEGO DC Super Villains video game. Fred Tatasciore has voiced tons of comic characters among his favorites are Killer Croc, Grundy, and Clayface. You would think the seasoned voice actor has done every character imaginable but he’s still getting new roles and even one or two in this new game. Though TT Games wouldn’t confirm if Fred’s Killer Croc will hit Batman with a really big rock in the game.

Kevin Conroy is coming to the Lego games for the first time and he’s still remaining true to the character. In the actor’s own words, “I liked the idea of doing my Batman in a fun setting while still being very much Batman.” The conversation for the game didn’t take long to go from concept to production as WB was on board right away. For this game, Kevin Conroy was the top of the list.

Julie Nathanson who voices Silver Banshee likes the switching of the environments to the playful LEGO universe while Silver Banshee remaining her dry self. Reprising her role from Suicide Squad Hell to Pay made the actress scream, “but not in a way that killed anyone.”

Speaking with producers and designer Justin Ramsden from TT Games, the studio was given a focus on Rebirth style designs which can be seen throughout the game in Superman, The Joker and various others. We’re getting The Ventriloquist and designing a mini version of a prop that’s already mini was a new challenge for the studio. Not to worry if you’re hero-centric, as with any LEGO game if you see the character on screen chances are you’ll be able to play it in “Free Play” mode. To paraphrase the studio’s words, the game is sort of a reverse of what they’ve done in the past including when you saw villain characters in previous games and got to play as them later on.

The panel itself showed the recently released story trailer that has Harley doing her commentary on the Justice Syndicate.

New footage was shown of Batman and Harley Quinn. In a scene where Harley and the Joker find the real Justice Leauge. A league defeated and replaced by the Syndicate, it also appears Darkseid plays a bigger role as the scene suggests him as sending the Syndicate to replace our heroes in order to search for the anti-life equation on Earth.

New hubworlds were talked about ranging from Bellreve Penitentiary, Gotham’s Monarch Theatre, Striker’s Island, Ace Chemical, Amusement Mile, STAR Labs, Hall of Justice, Wayne Manor, Legion of Doom headquarters, and for the first time in a game…Smallville.

New character reveals included Silver Banshee with leggins that animate their design and of course a sonic scream, Black Adam voiced by Tatasciore and in one scene a billboard referring to Doomsday can be seen. The main man Lobo is also coming to LEGO DC SUPER VILLAINS, in one scene he’s riding a dolphin instead of his traditional space bike. Superman’s baddies are coming in the form of Livewire and Killer Frost. Batman’s rogue gallery in the game will also include, Catwoman, Mr. Freeze, and The Ventriloquist. Among the quirky choices for the game are Polkadot Man, Clock King Mr. Myxlzptlk, and Toyman.  The last character revealed during the panel is Michael Ironside voicing Darkseid.

LEGO DC SUPER VILLAINS will get a deluxe edition that includes the DLC season pass and an exclusive Lex Luthor mini-fig in Kryptonian power armor. If you pre-order at GameStop you get a Harley Quinn tin, at Walmart players will get early access to a DC TV character pack (Flash, Arrow, Black Lightning, and more)

LEGO DC SUPER VILLAINS will launch for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC on October 16, 2018.