From 1983 until 1997, Mary Mashcal assembled an extensive collection of memorabilia and aritifacts, filling virtually every room of her Golden Hill home with historic documents, banners, posters, and books.

Her collection eventually became the Women’s Museum of California, located in the former Naval Training Center in Point Loma, San Diego.  This summer, another historian, Trina Robbins, curates from her extensive collection of comics history to present “Wonder Women: On Paper and Off” which

explores the avenues women have made in the comic and graphic industry.  

This exhibition follows the history of women in comics starting in the 20th century- as artists and characters- through today’s cartoon and graphic illustrations.  The Women’s Museum of California strives to emphasize the portrayal of women in comics and as artists as well as the ceiling women cartoonists broke through.  This is in keeping with our aim to highlight women of wonder and our mission to preserve past struggles and inspire future generations of women to take action.

Wonder Women: On Paper and Off features the historical collection of Trina Robbins, as well as contributions from Joyce Farmer (artist), Mary Fleener (artist), Carol Lay (artist), Ron May (collector), Peiter Ortiz (collector), Mimi Pond (artist) and Andrea Tsurumi (artist).

wonderwoman postcard_0This Thursday (the 18th!) at 7:30 PM, the Museum will host a panel discussion, featuring Trina Robbins, Ramona Fradon, Mary Fleener and Carol Lay!

Ms. Robbins will also talk about her new book, Pretty in Ink: American Women Cartoonists 1896-2013, due out next month from Fantagraphics!

On August 15, at 7 PM, the Museum will host another panel, featuring Jackie Estrada, Laurie Fuller and Kacey Helms!

The NTC offers an amazing mix of museums, galleries, theater, and retail, all in a historic district.  If you haven’t ventured outside the Gaslamp Quarter, here’s an excellent excuse to discover another part of San Diego!